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  1. Just got the result in the mail and.......I PASSED.
  2. Tennessee still held in suspense!!!
  3. I PASSED too! (I took Civil: WR & Environmental) I know two transpos that passed and one Chem that failed. Congrats Marie!
  4. Mine says the same thing. I don't think it means you have passed. My status on the registration page has said that for a few days.
  5. That is good to know. Did she say anything about results being posted on the NCEES website?
  6. Every other state has a thread so I decided to start one for Tennessee. NCEES released the results to the Tennessee Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners today (5/25/2011). W.F. at the Board has not seen the results yet but expects to see them in the next couple of days. Way to go Tennessee....keep the suspense going and my production at work down...
  7. PEmarsh


    All I know is Tennessee does not allow NCEES to give out results. The Board has to notify you. I do know NCEES released the results to the TN Board of Arc. and Eng. Examiners today.
  8. NCEES released the results for the PE in Tennessee to the Board today.
  9. Unfortunately not. A lot of folks in this forum (from what I read) have taken the "School of PE" webinar. Also, Gaswami (he has a PE reference book that is very good - I would recommend) teaches a class. I hear it is one of the best and he has lots of practice material he has created that is more exam-type problems than the Lindeburg problems (don't waste your time buying his practice problems, they are way harder than the exam problems).
  10. I took Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers (MnSPE) review course - webinar. It was a very good refresher course. You need the NCEES practice exam and CERM for water resources and environmental exam. After taking this exam in April 2011, I found these two sources as the best references and practice exam. I did not use any other references during the exam.
  11. HAHA, SAME HERE! The thought of disappointment is brutal.
  12. Marie, I was a biosystems engineering major also....where did you goto school?
  13. Marie, I, too, was not a Civil Engineering major and I never had a structures class or geotechnical engineering class. I do agree that there were a few "non-numerical" answers that took some thought and or a good dictionary to solve on both the morning and afternoon sessions. I hate this 10 week wait! I get more nervous everyday...especially when everyone keeps asking me how I did...I feel like I did worse and worse every time someone asks. Hurry up week 10!
  14. I am just curious as to what everyone who took the water resource and environmental exam thinks about it? I felt like the AM portion was weighted strongly towards structures and geotechnical (for which I did not prepare very well for). The PM portion I felt was reasonable and actually easier than what I thought it would be.
  15. I always solve for depth using Manning's equation. As long as you can do the math, I find it easier than using the table. Also, if you are given the flow rate and it does not say "critical flow rate," you can assume you are solving for the normal depth. This sounds like a uniform flow problem.
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