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  1. Just got my Florida PE!

    i have NCEES records, and it took about 2 weeks from the date of application to issuance of the license.
  2. Just got my Florida PE!

    by endorsement :wave2:
  3. NY PE Results

    wall certificate looks hot!
  4. NY PE Results

    i don't think so
  5. NY PE Results

    I thought about that too, but since the board review your application, references, experience, etc and finds you eligible to sit for the exam...i wonder if they do a background check...so far not a single entry since friday
  6. Transportation Section in AM Part of Test

    i would be very careful with kaplan book, i've heard it has lots of errors
  7. NY PE Results

    i'm an O. i called NYS, they said my file is in final review and give it about a week
  8. NY PE Results

    am i the only one left waiting for a license in ny?
  9. NY PE Results

    no licenses today...
  10. Passed, Pay Raise?

    i was to get 1.33% prior to getting pe, and it was adjusted to 4% after getting pe. i've been with this firm about 7 months, but in offer letter it was mentioned that salary may be adjusted. i think im being f'ed over
  11. P.E Civil-tranpo depth help please?

    Which review class are you going to be taking? If you do take school of pe, they have an 3-hour webinar to cover PM part of the exam, but you need much more than that. I would buy six minute solutions and try to solve them all and get a good grip on topics that six minute solutions cover. That should prepare you.
  12. NY PE Results

    can we call and find out licence no?
  13. NY PE Results

    so slow
  14. NY PE Results

  15. NY PE Results

    yeah slow friday