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  1. The EPA "Orientation Manuals" were useful for me on the test. Legrega was key though overall for the test and it has some reg things in the first first chapters....
  2. Test you took: PE Environmental Engineering What books you brought with you: ENVRM by Lindeburg Hazardous Waste Management by La Grega Air Pollution Control by Cooper Alley Wastewater Engineering by Metcalf & Eddy Water chemistry by Benjamin Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science by Masters Introduction to Environmental Engineering by Davis Cornwell What books you actually used: Actually used them all for at least one question. Heavy use of the ENVRM, and LaGrega What books did you wish you brought: Drinking water references General impression about exam and format: NCEES practice exam was about what it was format wise. ENVRM questions were much harder than actual questions. Morning was much harder for me than afternoon. Advice for future test takers: Make sure to have a reference that has shortcut unit conversions. Skip questions that are time consuming and come back. The best thing to do is tab your references and get use to the sections in your books. Do as many practice problems as possible and actually understand the theory behind the problems and not just how to solve the individual problem.
  3. I've been having a debate with a coworker of mine (also an environmental P.E.) on why this is. What do you guys think - is it simply the breadth of the environmental exam? I would say that the breath would have to be a large part of the reason. But also perhaps the makeup of people taking it. A lot of people out there taking the Environmental PE exam work only in one of the "medias" ...that is to say they are wastewater, or drinking water, or air dispersion, or air permitting, or haz or...etc..They really don't cross over to other media from their specified area. I an engineer with the government so I deal with multiple areas, which is why I think it might have helped on why I passed. I also have a MS, which I think helped too. Another reason...the number of questions. My coworker and I took i at the same time. Although I had lots of time in both sections to finish and go over problems again, my coworker didn't have anytime and had to actually guess on a few questions in each section(am/pm). For what its worth she did pass as well, but having a few more questions might sway the results for some people that aren't as fast.
  4. 55%...wow..I had thought Environmental were usually among the top as far as pass rates in the past...dead last this test (not counting Software as it was the first time ever offered). Sorry to hear the about the "not passing".
  5. BS CPE- 2002 EIT - 2011 MS ENVE - 2012 PE ENVE- 2013 (pending official application, test passed) 11 years Eyeing to take Civil PE in Hawaii(use to live there) they don't have Environmental and won't recognize my PE so in a year or so maybe.
  6. Seabee, you get a report that looks like http://cdn1.ncees.co/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/diagnostic-reports_PE-Exam-Diagnostic-Report-and-Interpretation1.pdf
  7. Congrats to all that passed! Environmental Passed, second try (first time I didn't study at all, and this time I wasn't confident, thanks to all that helped)
  8. IL results in Congrats to all that passed! Passed, second try (first time I didn't study at all, and this time I wasn't confident but thanks to all that helped)
  9. I would have to agree for the most part with all the previous posts. The morning was much much more difficult to me. The morning session def had me grasping at concepts rather than finding answers in my references. I was kind of disappointed at the number break up of problems. I felt there was a surplus of drinking water concepts. Course I didn't have a dedicated drinking water ref so that could be why. The afternoon was much easier and felt as if I owned that part. So I'm like others where it's a 50/50. Course who knows!!?!? I also feel as though the official NCEES practice problems were next to useless as far as question types and break up. The test didn't resemble it at all! Without revealing questions either, I feel certain RCRA orientated questions on the exam could statutorily have had multiple correct answers. So much as though I might write in and express this to them. The way the question was presented too wasn't a "choose the best" answer type, more of a definitive one is correct. Oh well, let’s hope we all passed.
  10. I was looking at this issue myself. I can't beleive that the 2 states which (to me) have the most outwardly environmental policies don't have the PE in Environmental! California and Hawaii! I use to live in Hawaii and was looking at their board's requirements....looks like I'll have to go take the Chem or Civil there if I want to go back to that state.
  11. I found that it had much more Air and Remediation questions than I expected. I would go as far as to say it was over the prescibed percentages that they said were going to be in there. Course I'm bias as a water guy, but still. The most annoying thing to me were the unit conversions...really? Come on, at the level of a PE all the unit conversions do it annoy...in the real world we are going to be using units we will be working with and be able to recognise the difference.
  12. Which state are you in? Are you sure that your Master degree was ABET? Last time I checked most of the master degree programs offered are not ABET...just because the BS at the school is accredited does not mean the MS is. (There are a few MS programs out there that are specifically accredited though...)
  13. Little off topic but.... Be careful what you say there Peele1. Although I agree with you in practice and principle about the EIT/EI not being a license...in some states it is. By no means does this mean you are a "licensed engineer" or any other protected word. However because the individual states deam what is and what is not a license, it can be. For instance, the state of IL does issue a License Number (For EIT/EI) and does use the verbage "Licensed Enrolled Professional Engineer Intern". Again, this does not mean you are a "Licensed Engineer", however you do actually have a license once your pass the FE and meet the IL requirements for an EI.
  14. Right now I'm gathering my references...got the NCEES example q's and I'm working through them slowly...finding out if my references have the info needed to solve these (equations in sol'n are in my references). Going to start going through the ENVRM2 very soon and start drilling on that. I also got the NC DVDs and plan to start watching those on the weekends with beer in hand.
  15. I just picked up the NC state DVDs...did you find them helpful? How do the Delaware compare?
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