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  1. EET Videos

    My experience has been very positive with the EET on-demand class. I took their review on-demand classes back in the 2015 fall season and was able to successfully pass the PE during that same season. I am sorry that you are experiencing some difficulties with the video playback in Adobe Connect, but if you contact any of the instructors, they will be glad to assist you in this matter. They are very friendly and want a pleasant learning experience for their students. I found it to be helpful to go slow when watching the videos, especially when studying a difficult concept. Adobe Connect also allows students for live webinar sessions to post questions and answers, and I found that after reviewing these sessions (on-demand) that it was also beneficial for my understanding of the concepts. I also liked that I could rewind or go back and forth between any portion(s) of the video to better grasp a concept that I did not understand previously. Good luck with your studies!
  2. OCT 2016 WRE

    Good luck everyone with the studying! I took EET-WR/Env depth from Nazrul last Fall and it helped me quite a bit with organizing all of the topics within the binder. Keep plugging away at your studying as you are almost there.
  3. EET review classes

    Yes, they do. They will send you a single binder for depth. Good luck!
  4. 2016 results

    I'm sorry to hear that KP_Engg. Do not give up! It took me three times to pass this exam! A review course helped me out immensely (provided by EET, but I am a Civil PE). You can do this, just keep plugging along, but take a good break for now
  5. 2016 results

    KP_Engg, I'm in North Dakota. I found out last October by checking the NCEES log-in page, but as I recall my results were released pretty late (December 15) last year compared to other states. Then the North Dakota Board mailed my certificate a few days later to confirm my license number.
  6. 2016 results

    I'm very proud of you, Clemson CE! I'm glad you took EET! I did too last October and they made a world of difference. This is coming from a three-time test taker
  7. EET review classes

    Awesome! You are one step ahead by enrolling with EET! When you get your binders, they will be tabbed up and organized for you. I am excited for you and wish you nothing but the best for your studies!
  8. EET review classes

    CbaArg, Yes they are great! I had a very good experience with EET. You can read about success stories; I took the Breadth and Depth (WRE/Env). I had passed the NCEES exam last October because of the hard work I put in with EET. It was my third attempt at the exam, but EET helped me focus my studies, and they provide you so many practice problems, practice tests, and simulated tests. The material they provide is streamlined to help you prepare the best for the exam. I hope this helps!
  9. Help with Depth choice!

    I second this. If you go with the EET WRE depth study plan you are in excellent hands! Good luck!
  10. There's no turning back now

    southernbelle, Great job; we are happy for you and know you will really enjoy going with EET! Best wishes and happy holidays!
  11. Map: October 2015 PE Results Released

    Congrats, NDdreamin!! Enjoy your holiday season. I'm in Grand Forks, the mail came for me this morning, but no letter just yet. I'm thinking it might arrive Saturday or Monday for me (fingers crossed).
  12. Map: October 2015 PE Results Released

    So glad to hear you passed, NDdreamin! I'm in North Dakota too and I passed as well! Any idea on when the licenses will be mailed? I heard it's sometime later this week.
  13. For those discovering they didn't pass...

    GA Civil, You are going to really enjoy the EET WRE review course with Nazrul. I passed with EET (I took their breadth and WR/Env depth classes). Work hard in his class and he will definitely help get you there in the afternoon. You will work lots of problems and practice exams, but come exam day you'll be happy that most (I'd say about 90%) of the questions come directly from the depth binder. You will answer the questions confidently if you put the hard work in and enjoy the process. Also, listen to the books that Nazrul recommends for the depth session, because those can come in handy (although I happened to use just his binder exclusively on the depth exam) Good luck!
  14. There's no turning back now

    The EET Breadth course is well worth it, in my opinion. I know for sure that I wouldn't have been able to answer some of the AM questions on the exam without the help of the EET Breadth. The lectures have some background on theory, but mostly it is diving into the topic right away with questions. For instance, Samir covered construction and transportation topics really well, and it seemed like within the first 10 minutes there would be an example problem for us to think and work out whether it be construction scheduling, formwork, site development, vertical curves, etc. Amir covered structures and shallow foundation and his notes are very concise and easy-to-follow. Structures was not a strong topic for me in school, but Amir made it really simple for me, and those (ironically) were the first questions I happened to answer first on the test with confidence. Nazrul covers water resources (of course) and also soil mechanics (effective stress, permeability test, etc.) and Materials 1 (compaction, soil testing methods, etc.). His notes are very organized, and he provides really useful formula sheets and summary equations at the beginning of the binder for his section. Samir and Amir do as well for their sections. I completely understand that it is a lot of money, but EET helped me with over 85% of the problems in the morning. The key is to understand the concept, but once you do, you'll be really glad you go with EET. The organization of their binders also goes in order with the exam questions to make it much easier to navigate during crunch time (when it really counts). I also think that EET provides you with the very best questions for preparation. They are just one notch harder than what you'll see on the exam, but the preparation is perfect, because you have to understand the "big picture" to get some of the problems right. Once you put the hard work in to the EET course, you'll take the NCEES exam and go "that seems easier than I thought!" I hope that is helpful!
  15. There's no turning back now

    I agree with taking the EET WRE (depth). I am a 3rd time test taker of the Civil PE exam with the WR and ENV depth. I have small kids at home and knew I'd have to work hard and at different hours of the day to pass. I just found out that I passed this week! I hadn't taken a review course before, but by the graces of this site found out about EET. This was the best decision I could make in terms of preparing for and passing the PE. Nazrul, Samir, and Amir, are the best instructors I have come across. They prepare you so well for this test, but you have to put in the time, effort and work. On my previous attempts, I tried hard but felt that I came up short of passing because I wasn't studying all of the right material. EET will help you to focus your efforts in the right direction, per the latest NCEES topics for the Civil AM and PM and they are expert instructors. I know this has been said in previous threads, but EET really CARES about their students. Anytime I was stumped on a problem, I could e-mail them late at night and get a prompt response. When I was lagging in a certain topic for water resources, Nazrul was there to help me with that topic "one-on-one". There are lots of homework problems, practices exams, and the simulated exam. All of these problems helps build your confidence for exam day. I honestly didn't use much at all outside of EET's binders. It is because you really need a comprehensive binder that is organized to help you out when time is of the essence. If you can afford it, I highly recommend EET. It is the best value on the market for a review course. I am so happy that I chose EET, and now I'm a professional engineer due to large part because of them. I will say, though, you really HAVE to put the work in that they assign you to pass. Take really good notes, listen to them, and most of all ask questions when you don't understand a concept because they really want to help you understand the concept, and enjoy your studying.