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  1. Interesting. We are pretty knee deep in it, probably doing about 100 projects a year. Let me know if you or any of those in your company ever want to kick some ideas around, if they are still considering it.
  2. Studied the MERM extensively over a 3 months span leading up to the exam, worked about every example problem in it, front-to-back. Also, and I think this was critical, tabbed the living heck out of it. See pic below. Tabs are color-coded to subjects. Also, made an index with more detailed descriptions and color codes to match my tabs. This really is the secret to my success. MERM covered over 90% of the exam and was my primary resource.
  3. Started my engineering firm 6 years ago. No attorney needed. No accountant needed. Only $75 needed at the time in Louisiana to officially open an LLC. Then, I paid whatever it was to have the company registered as a licensed engineering firm in Louisiana. I mostly just jumped right in after losing a job with a large consulting firm. Things worked out, but had I thought more about it, I might have done some things differently. But then, I might never have done it either. I am extremely happy that I did and I would want to have it no other way at this point. If you ever need any specific questions answered, feel free to contact me any time. Ed
  4. Hi all. Just curious if anyone else is involved in any of these programs for commercial buildings. Our firm, though small, does a ton of Cost Sgregation studies and a lower volume of 179D and 45L (which are both energy efficiency studies). Just curious how many others out there were in these lines of work.
  5. Hi all. Haven't been here since shortly after I passed the PE almost 12 years ago. Probably last posted around late 2006. Page looks good. Lots of members. I hope it is helping new engineers to get through that crazy test like it did for me so long ago. All the best to everyone! Ed
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