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  1. EngineerKelley

    Acceptable Experience for PE board

    Well i'm not sure how they got it either. After calling the licensing board on Wednesday, they said an analyst would call me back within 24-48 hours, but i still haven't heard anything. Honestly i think the analyst look over the applications and make recommendations to the board. I don't see how they can actually look through all the applications in the meeting. As for the amount of experience i received, i though i would have received 56+12 for a total of 68. I acquired all the experience after getting my B.S. Thanks for the support and help.
  2. EngineerKelley

    Acceptable Experience for PE board

    Anything is possible. My experience from everything i have read and heard from people should have been valid from 04/2006 to present. I was expecting to at least have 68 months of experience (i submitted the application in november) with 56 from experience and 12 months for my masters. I know all the people that gave me a reference and they are more than aware of how hard i work and the quality with which i perform. It just really seems unfair, but all i can do is try to get an explaination and have them re-evaluate my experience maybe with more information given to them. I hope that my references did not mess up dates, but there is a chance. The board actually messed up my supervisors PE application once, giving him like 3 years of extra experience when he was still working on his degree, so mistakes do happen (they caught their mistake the next time he applied for the PE exam). I just think with my luck that is not the case. It's discouraging, my timeline has been pushed back at least 3-4 years! Thanks for replying!
  3. EngineerKelley

    Acceptable Experience for PE board

    I thought about that, but they allowed me to take the EIT back in 2007 and they upgraded my section code to 43-15-9(2), which is the equivalent of an engineering technology degree. Plus if they did that, i would have had a minimum of 28 months exerience since i got my masters in July 2008 and i submitted my application in November 2010. I am just puzzled! All of my experience has been under a PE, i can't help but think that a mistake was made. Thank you for your reply!
  4. I recently applied to take the PE exam in Georgia and got my letter back concerning my acceptable engineering experience. The months of experience were way below what i was expecting and seem like an error. I am waiting called back by a board member about the issue, but do they every make mistakes on the amount of experience? My qualifications: B.S.: Math and Physics December 2005 M.S.: Systems Engineering July 2008 E.I.T.: December 2007 Engineer for Company since 04/2006 I work for a water authority and deal with designing (including acquiring engineering data for projects) water main, sewer main, lift stations, force mains, for various in-house and large state projects. In addition i solely run the hydraulic water and sewer models for my company. I am classified by the Georgia PE Board Section Code 43-15-9(2), meaning that i need 7 years (84 months) experience. I currently have 59 months of actual engineering work experience after college plus a masters degree in engineering that i did at night after my work day. The board stated i had acquired only 24 months of acceptable experience! Am i missing something or did they accidently make a mistake? Please Help, i just want a possible explaination!