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  1. lol, well I suppose it depends on what the definition of "is" is
  2. I'm certainly no tree hugger, but it seems that every product made should have a disposal plan that is sustainable, otherwise don't allow it.
  3. I had it for a few years but didn't renew it this summer. I miss some stations but it really wasn't worth the cost. Seems like it was $20+ a month. That could buy a decent audiobook or some other entertainment every month or it could just be saved for something fun.
  4. Lol, I remember using CaiCE right out of school. I thought it wasn't too bad (compared to BEagle Point) but soon realized that I was the only one that wanted to learn it (and also the only one who used it regularly). I soon became the Caice guy where people asked me to do their simple tasks. It was horribly complicated to get a usable result. The state submittal requirement was Caice but I have a feeling that they just converted it to a dgn/dwg once they received the files. Meanwhile some software salesman was making good profits that year... Working for IT people is silly, as is working for lawyers. I wish they would have taught a salesmanship class to all engineers so we could reduce some of these time wasting issues.
  5. If we're honest, then no a degree is probably not an absolute requirement, but some due diligence is required by our society to prove ourselves capable of understanding the issues. I know a very capable design tech/survey guy (has his own consulting firm). He's one of the smartest people I've met, but he refuses to recognize the importance of a professional license/degree. I didn't mind his design suggestions until I started my own firm. It was then that I understood the problem with his attitude. The problem is that if or when something goes wrong, he has no liability and no responsibility to society. He blocked a large local project due to his failure to recognize all design aspects. With a degree, he might have thought it thru. People may lose their jobs because of it. As such, I have a new respect for our education and licensure requirements. (Rereading this, I should note that I am not in competition with this guy in any way)
  6. My 2 cents, 1) The old man is paying for screwing around with someone so immature (and crazy). 2) The old man owns a team who is subject to NBA rules/ethics. His private views became public (without his consent), and the NBA is subject to public opinion. His now public personal views are (realistically) subject to the current public lynching/opinion so the NBA had to denounce him for PR sake. In a sense the NBA is his Boss because he owns the team that is a member. 3) We all say stupid things in a fight. The old man felt threatened that his young hottie was hanging around other young men that were not his race, and he chose to express it in a poor manor. Not my business nor anyone else's but the young hottie is trying to milk it for her 5 seconds of fame, pretty disgusting. 4) I don't agree with many of the viewpoints here about firing someone based on personal beliefs. The arrogant and proud man says that his beliefs are correct and those that don't agree should be stoned (fired). In the end a proud man will end up defending the wrong viewpoint just to maintain that he is correct (this is what the old man did that got him into so much trouble to begin with).
  7. Quite right. I thought the solution to pollution was dilution? Pretty sure that's what it says in the CERM. That is freaking HILARIOUS!!!
  8. rktman

    39 :o(

    Same here, will be 39 in a few days (same scenario, high school, college, wife, kids, PE, house, career) and I'm wondering how it all passed so quickly
  9. Agreed on the hassle for TX licensing. No one in my area (MO) had the cards either. I finally got them to print cards from a digital scan but I feel really funny about getting digitally signed into a system when I've not even had as much as a speeding ticket.
  10. I wouldn't do it. If you do, it's the only job you will be qualified to do (since you will not get your PE). Certainly after your licensed, there are tremendous opportunities with a GC.
  11. Read it again. He knowingly violated code because he didn't want the hassle. the hidden inside statement? I misread as it was a hidden feature, but if knowingly hiding it, yes the guilt and punishment is there
  12. Unfortunate for everyone involved. I don't necessarily believe in stoning the architect because he made the mistake. If you do any job long enough, you are going to screw something up. Anyone who has dealt with building codes can tell you how frustrating it is to follow every detail. I understand how someone could "gloss over" and unintentionally ignore a important code item.
  13. Saw this on another forum. Does the Engineering Community have the same problem(lol)? >http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Sz0o9clVQu8
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