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  1. I remember this question and as you said in the earlier edition you could find that limitation but I think is not longer applicable.
  2. Well, you are asking a difficult question and I think we can’t generalize it. And to answer one of your questions (You, as a SE, do you recognize and respect Civil: Structural PE's as your professional peers or do you think Civil: Structural are second class "structural" engineers?), from my personal experience, I work with a guy who doesn’t have even EIT but probably can teach structural engineering to most registered SE’s and on the other hand personally I worked few years back for a guy with PE SE and you couldn’t ask anything but wood design for one or two story residential buildings. Sometimes you just don’t need SE or too much knowledge, when most of your work is related to some specific areas and sometimes I believe that having experience beats un-experience knowledge. Also if SE will get adopted nationally, it will be so much harder to become an SE comparing to any other engineering discipline, even more there are states who will not allow you to sit for SE unless you have a PE (or civil license) and some years of experience after passing PE. Definitely right now, a SE license is more valuable in the states where SE License is required for designing any kind of structures.
  3. Finallllly I got this monkey off my back because I just got my results for Vertical Exam. The lateral I passed last Oct 2014. It was a long journey but it feels so good now and the satisfaction you have is priceless. I think the key for this test is to keep going, because every time you fail, you learn from mistakes and every time you prepare again, it gets you better. At one point it will happen, regardless, as long as you keep pushing. The true is that is a pretty difficult test and your knowledge has to be complex and have a good grip on all four materials. Coming from a residential background designing mainly wood buildings, it was a back and forth game to prepare for a more complex kind of structures and different materials. Read all the codes, highlight and tab everything you need to remember and to be able to find quick the reference needed. Also solve multiple times any problem exam style (ncees, 16 hours, etc) because you get very familiar with what exactly they are looking for and how it has to be presented. Congrats to everyone who passed and Good Luck to everyone who is on the line to take the test! Cheers!
  4. Are all the interior members 0? These are my thoughts.
  5. I agree that is a piece of cake after passing the SE but only in regards to the afternoon part (Structural) which you choose form five disciplines. The morning part is a mixture of questions of the five discipline. So, in order to pass you still have to do decent in the morning. Is definitely not hard but requires some effort. If you get the CERM by Lindeburg and go through it, I believe you can easily make it. Just that book I think is more than enough to get the PE. Good Luck!
  6. I think it's more fair to say your strategy was to have 15 years of practical expereince. Good work. I agree with you. Having 15 years of good experience counts a lot. I had also like 6-7 years of experience in residential area which didn't help much so my study time was +5 months plus I have to retake the Vertical part. Also I have a friend who took the test few years ago and prepared less than 2 weeks for the test and passed both parts at once. He had good educational background and works for a reputable company. That makes a BIG difference! That's why when somebody is asking how much time do you need to put into preparation, is almost impossible to predict because it all depends on the candidate's experience and education. Definitely Congratulations because whoever passed this test fully deserved it.
  7. I believe that everyone designing structures is using by now ASCE 7-10, since was adopted in 01.01.2014. I can tell you that is not that scary as it looks. Actually is more organized, more clear and easier to follow. We don't like changes, specially that we see that every 3 or 5 years but I can tell you that I wouldn't go back to ASCE 7-05. Once you go through it one time you'll see that is okay.
  8. Lateral: Acceptable Vertical Morning: 26/40 Vertical Afternoon: 2 Acceptable, 1 Need Improvement, 1 Not Acceptable Well, I guess I have to study again, not very happy with the outcome after 5 months of study but it is what it is. BIG congrats to everybody who passed, this is a nice Christmas gift and Good Luck to those who keep shooting for the stars Cheers!
  9. I got to a point where I don't even care if I passed or not... or not really ...but I know if I didn't, I am right there...so one more push. Let's enjoy 2014 because is almost over! Cheers!
  10. Yeah, I have noticed, actually they have made this change in October 27...they are on it! lol
  11. I agree with civilized_naah. Usually you assume all the way to the bottom of the ftg when you check overturning, sliding, bearing for the overall assembly and reinforcement in the footing. Sometimes if you have a key some authors extend the active pressure all the way to the bottom of the key which makes it worse.
  12. That was a good one Phecke!!! I was feeling good after test and even now I feel okay sometimes, but other times I feel like I didn't do anything and I should start studying right now to make sure for next time ! It's crazy!! Gotta drink more often to forget!
  13. Wait, they get PEs to take the SE to judge a curve? That doesn't make any sense to me. What does a PE have to do with an SE? I have a PE but that wouldn't prepare me any more or any less for this test. I am 100% sure you have to be SE in order to see a sample SE Exam. I think he meant professional as licensed on that specific field you are taking the exam.
  14. Yes Dave you are absolutely right. I don't know what method they use but I was involved in something similar in the past with the Seismic exam for getting Pe in California.
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