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  1. BUMP: I figure people already have material for next exam date? Any offers? EET Construction binder and morning also.
  2. t_uri

    Connecticut Results

    Has anyone gotten their email? It says within 2 weeks, but I have gotten nothing.
  3. All of these books are still for sale, going to throw them up on Ebay today.
  4. I'm not sure what IBC code you're referring to. I don't believe you will need that.
  5. IBC? Taking structural PM? Only looking for morning EET binder?
  6. Construction low again. Glad that's over....
  7. I would like to sell it all in one package, no splitting for now. Includes everything you need for construction depth besides the steel manual. Includes:: 1926OSHA CERM Fifteenth Edition (very very minor changes from new edition, if any) CERM Practice problems manual ACI MNL-15 Field Reference Manual ASCE 37-14 Design Loads on Structures During Construction CMWB Standard Practice for Bracing Masonry Walls Under Construction ACI SP-4 Formwork for Concrete which Includes ACI 347R Guide to Formwork for Concrete MUTCD-Pt 6 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices—Part 6 Temporary PassthecivilPE practice exams LEARN construction depth practice and assessment guide CASIO watch with countdown setting $650 OBO Will include a flash drive (or dropbox link) with tons of practice problems, and misc info that was shared. PM with any questions! (EET morning/depth binders separate) Thanks
  8. Thank you! I keep refreshing NCEES to make sure it wasn't a mistake and my green PASS doesnt disappear LOL
  9. CT RELEASED - Passed construction 3rd attempt
  10. t_uri

    Connecticut Results

  11. t_uri

    FL Results

    They should all be at the same exact time. Is he messing with you?
  12. t_uri


    Maybe poorly planned vacations by the (probably) few people who are in charge of releasing. shrug.
  13. I bet RBHeadge can label every state in the US with his eyes closed after doing this for so long.
  14. I'm surprised there hasn't been more releases today so far
  15. Boy is that color very similar to the "Pending release" color
  16. How do so many people know Barbara? This is my second attempt, and people were complaining about Barbara last time too.
  17. There's many states left to post, not just CA. CT takes forever too
  18. Please, please please please let me not have to do this again, please for the love of God.
  19. Why are people assuming cut scores are around 56? It's different everytime, and actually was 50 in construction last exam. (According to texas results)
  20. t_uri

    Texas Results

    Ohh, I see, thanks. I guess any scores that get a 69% we can assume the passing score was one more question.
  21. t_uri

    Texas Results

    What score out of 80? Why are people only posting their scaled percentage scores like it does any good lol
  22. Thank you, exactly what I was looking for. I also got a 49. I missed it by 1 or 2 as well. Figures....
  23. I got this same score. ugh except 22 AM, 27 PM All this again for 1 question
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