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  1. Why are people assuming cut scores are around 56? It's different everytime, and actually was 50 in construction last exam. (According to texas results)
  2. tyler_uri

    Texas Results

    Ohh, I see, thanks. I guess any scores that get a 69% we can assume the passing score was one more question.
  3. tyler_uri

    Texas Results

    What score out of 80? Why are people only posting their scaled percentage scores like it does any good lol
  4. Thank you, exactly what I was looking for. I also got a 49. I missed it by 1 or 2 as well. Figures....
  5. I got this same score. ugh except 22 AM, 27 PM All this again for 1 question
  6. Please post construction PE results and texas scaled scores here. Looks like NCEES is showing only a 53% pass rate for this exam! Looking to see how many I missed it by
  7. 1st attempt was structural - 25 AM, 23 PM = 48 failure. Most recent was construction - 22 AM, 27PM = 49 failure. Guess just hit the books more, it's mostly luck of a draw sadly. Only 5% of this exam is what I do day to day and what makes me a valuable engineer. Oh well.
  8. tyler_uri

    Texas Results

    49/80 failed construction. 22AM, 27 PM. Any Construction takers from texas with scaled scores? I must have missed it by a handful.
  9. 22 AM / 27 PM = 49 failed construction
  10. tyler_uri

    Texas Results

    Any Construction takers? What scores did you get from texas?
  11. CT DCP website claims PE results will be posted by December 7th.... That is what that lady said she was doing (updating the website) lol
  12. Haha, so that is what they've been working on the website today! Today's action item -> update website that PE exam results are in. Check.... Tomorrows action item -> release results Well, at least they were more productive than me today.....
  13. Thank you for this. However, clearly whoever is taking her place is having some trouble, considering she is on vacation for the month and this is the first time CT has been slacking according to the historical data here. I agree, life goes on.....
  14. Did you get any updates? I hope her website is going well.... sigh... absurd
  15. Yeah, only explanation is someone sucks at their job or staff is out sick/on vacation. More waiting.
  16. Yes, getting a little pissed off now. Some of these govt workers just don't care enough.
  17. CT too. They are historically much faster than this. Starting to get to me though.
  18. This is getting a little ridiculous now. I really was not looking forward to waiting another whole day for results.
  19. tyler_uri

    Texas Results

    FWIW I got a 48/80 last october and failed the structural test. Im not in Texas so I didnt get a percentage. I went with construction depth this time, still waiting for results.
  20. I don't know, but this is exactly what I did lol. pass rates are... well.... making me more anxious. My damn state taking their time giving results!
  21. still waiting for my results too... getting kind of angry waiting still
  22. NCEES posting pass/fail rates, and some states yet to even release results.... nice...
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