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  1. BUMP: I figure people already have material for next exam date? Any offers? EET Construction binder and morning also.
  2. t_uri

    Connecticut Results

    Has anyone gotten their email? It says within 2 weeks, but I have gotten nothing.
  3. All of these books are still for sale, going to throw them up on Ebay today.
  4. I'm not sure what IBC code you're referring to. I don't believe you will need that.
  5. IBC? Taking structural PM? Only looking for morning EET binder?
  6. Construction low again. Glad that's over....
  7. I would like to sell it all in one package, no splitting for now. Includes everything you need for construction depth besides the steel manual. Includes:: 1926OSHA CERM Fifteenth Edition (very very minor changes from new edition, if any) CERM Practice problems manual ACI MNL-15 Field Reference Manual ASCE 37-14 Design Loads on Structures During Construction CMWB Standard Practice for Bracing Masonry Walls Under Construction ACI SP-4 Formwork for Concrete which Includes ACI 347R Guide to Formwork for Concrete MUTCD-Pt 6 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices—Part 6 Temporary PassthecivilPE practice exams LEARN construction depth practice and assessment guide CASIO watch with countdown setting $650 OBO Will include a flash drive (or dropbox link) with tons of practice problems, and misc info that was shared. PM with any questions! (EET morning/depth binders separate) Thanks
  8. Thank you! I keep refreshing NCEES to make sure it wasn't a mistake and my green PASS doesnt disappear LOL
  9. CT RELEASED - Passed construction 3rd attempt
  10. t_uri

    Connecticut Results

  11. t_uri

    FL Results

    They should all be at the same exact time. Is he messing with you?
  12. t_uri


    Maybe poorly planned vacations by the (probably) few people who are in charge of releasing. shrug.
  13. I bet RBHeadge can label every state in the US with his eyes closed after doing this for so long.
  14. I'm surprised there hasn't been more releases today so far
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