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  1. funny pic thread

    Rosa Acosta?
  2. Bachelors vs. Masters

    Right after my BS in Civil Eng, I went straight for my MS in Eng. Mgmt. I got hired right about the time I started my MS. From that point forward, they paid for my graduate classes with no obligation owed. If you attain a graduate degree before gaining experience, FL will credit you a year towards your experience. They will not give you credit if it is done concurrently. I would check the rules in your state. I say go straight into graduate school and get it out of the way. (1) Go to school while you still have the energy. Once you are out, it will be difficult for you to put yourself back through that torture, and (2) More importantly, it helps set you apart from the rest.
  3. 2011 Civil Engineer Pay

    I have 4.5 yrs of experience in DOT (3.5 yrs in Drainage Design & 1 yr Construction Project Mgmt) - I make $53K + pension (9% of salary) + other benefits. I just passed my PE. Some of my other peers got their salaries bumped up to $61K after receiving their PE, however, that has been put on hold since the last set of passing examinees thanks to our great new governor ::sarcasm:: Also the pension contribution will be coming down to 6% while we (the ppl) will have to start contributing the other 3% to complete the 9% - it is esentially a "pay cut." Not to mention COLA has been given for the last 7 yrs for public employees. Some of my other peers in the private sector are making $60K-$65K + benefits without a PE. With a PE, anywhere from $75K-$85K with little PE experience.
  4. I couldn't apply or take the exam until I verified my experience with my state board. Once I found out I passed the exam, I changed my signature block to reflect those cool little initials after my name. At this point, waiting for the number & certificate is just a formality, at least in FL.
  5. So what will you do now...

    I Found out I passed CT Civil last night and went home and celebrated with my Buddy Makers Mark....
  6. So what will you do now...

    Go celebrate with Johnny Walker!
  7. Florida PE results

    My buddy Walker has been waiting a few months to be opened up....First name Johnny Cheers to those who passed! For those who didn't, don't be discouraged! Keep at it! Took me 2x to pass the FE. I'll drink on your behalf this wknd!
  8. Florida PE results

    I PASSED! Discipline: Civil Took School of PE online
  9. Florida PE results

    "The results are finally up!!!! You can check now." ... is what I will be saying when they arrive. You had me fooled for a sec, lol
  10. Florida PE results

    Would it really do any good considering NCEES is responsible for posting up the results for FL?
  11. Florida PE results

    Nothing on my end
  12. Florida PE results

    Because FL always has to be special. Who knows...our governor might be trying to veto our results...or maybe a recount is in order! Lol
  13. Florida PE results

    I got nothing yet!!! aaarg!
  14. PE Exam April 2011, how did you feel

    1st time taker - Transportation Depth AM - not too shabby, fairly easy. PM - I found it harder, but relatively easy. How many of you took the School of PE online? I thought the Structural lacked, overall. Everything else was great!