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  1. start with NCEES sample test-know the question formats/types you will see in the real test and work on your weak parts accordingly. Work on your speed. I failed. But I got 90% of my true attempts correct. I lacked speed and didnt get time to even read the questions in the end...
  2. hello SnobumPE.. Congratulations on your success! I think I didnt do well beacuse I was slow at writing the test. I got all 41 right as I had anticipated I "truely attempted"..which is a good sign to know that I got almost all attempted questions correct. but I literally blindly marked around 30 questions. I definitely need to work on my speed atleast truely attempt majority of the questions. How did you prepare on the wireless portion . Do you know of a good references for the wireless communications. Does Schaum has an outline on this? Do you know of a good reference on the measurement and instrumentation?
  3. Hello PCNerd, Congratulations on your success. I did review all Schaum Series books as I have them too. Honeslty I found that suff a good exercise and was good at solving them. There were not hard. But as I look back, I think I went wrong in two areas, 1) I looked at the NCEES exam booklet at the last moment (Last week) as a practice test. I was so confident with my preparation that I felt I can easily do this. But I was totally stumped to see the type of questions 2) I felt I was slow at writing the exam..This is going to be my target for improvement. I knew that I had nailed down 40 questions and my results showed 41/80, so my assumption was correct. But most of the remaining questions, I blindly mark down due to lack to time. I didnt even get time to read the questions properly. I think I blindly marked down atleast 30 questions...which is bad :-) I am not worried about preparing again, its just my speed and probably a few problem areas, I need to sharpen. Thanks for you tips and encouragement. This will help me prepare well.
  4. Thanks. Its a good site. The tests/ questions also resemble those in the electronics PE exam
  5. Hello, I saw someone mention about "Kaiser Sample PE test"..I tried looking for this online but wasnt helpful. Can you tell me where I can obtain this sample test(s)?
  6. Thanks..This helps a lot. Yes, I have a degree in Electronics and Comms Engr, bu thardly ever used it in my career of 6 years..Never had Measurement and Instrumentation..The EERM doesnt cover much on this topic and I left it my horror there were 7 questions and I got just 1 right. Do you know the best way to study this topic? Regarding the wireless part, I think, I just need to go to books and put together notes comprising all formulas, they are limited but all over the place... Yupp, I agree I have to sit and review the diagnostic where I can score more the next time- no day is better than today
  7. Electrical and Electronics, first time, failed 41/80
  8. So the results are out and I failed. Results showed poorer performance than I had expected. I need to revamp my studying process and to begin with, I need to know good review materials for Electrical and Electronics PE exam. I have Camara EERM, NCEES Test Questions and Solutions booklet, But I particularly found the Wireless Communication, Digital Communications and Measurement and Instrumentation areas daunting and I went completely unprepared in these areas. - Please tell me good textbooks or review materials on Wireless and Digital Communications and Measurement and Instrumentation...Hard work without proper tactics and correct references is useless, as was proved in my case :-) - Are there any other test questions replicating the real test other than the NCEES one (which I have) Thanks,
  9. @Snobum>> What does it mean it was out? sent out to candidates? In that case, I havent yet heard from them..NCEES is supposed to email us the result..havent heard from them yet. But if it means results were sent to NJ state, yes they got it in last 6-7 days and I am guessing they are "approving" it right now..only after which, NCEES will declar the results to the candidates..
  10. I took the exam from NJ state also offered through PCS..I called PCS today and they said that results are with NJ and ready to be posted upon their can be as early as end of this week or early next week..I then called NJ to get their opinion and the lady told me that results will be out in 10 days..thats too diverse an information to pacify me right now...I cant concentrate on work :-)
  11. Hi, Does anyone know the average passing score for Electrical and Electronics PE exam?
  12. I used the MGI EE Prepardness course mainly, it was great. Took Power module 15 years after college, 12 years after FE, studied for 4 months, 2-4 hours a day. Don't know if its still available. BOOK LIST Computer Module Schaum's Computer networking, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering and Operating Systems. Also (these are more expensive): Computer Engineering: Hardware Design by M. Morris Mano • ISBN-10: 0131629263 • ISBN-13: 978-0131629264 Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface by David A. Patterson , John L. Hennessy • ISBN-10: 1558604286 • ISBN-13: 978-1558604285 Computer System Architecture by M. Morris Mano • ISBN-10: 0131755633 • ISBN-13: 978-0131755635 Software Engineering: Principles and Practice by Hans van Vliet • ISBN-10: 0471975087 • ISBN-13: 978-0471975083 Network Analysis, Architecture and Design by James D. McCabe • ISBN-10: 1558608877 • ISBN-13: 978-1558608870 Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles by William Stallings • ISBN-10: 0131479547 • ISBN-13: 978-0131479548 ECC ELECTRONICS The Art of Electronics <-- Great reviews, never saw it but checked the Table of Cont on Amazon by Paul Horowitz (Author), Winfield Hill (Author) ISBN-10: 0521370957 ISBN-13: 978-0521370950 Schaums Electronic Circuits and Devices COMMUNICATIONS Modern Electronic Communication by Jeff Beasley (Author), Gary M. Miller (Author) ISBN-10: 0132251132 ISBN-13: 978-0132251136 Schaum's Outline of Electronic Communication CONTROLS Control Systems Engineering by Norman Nise (Author) ISBN-10: 0470169974 ISBN-13: 978-0470169971 Design of Feedback Control Systems by Raymond T. Stefani, Bahram Shahian, Clement J. Savant, Gene H. Hostetter ISBN-10: 0195142497 ISBN-13: 978-0195142495 Feedback Systems <-- Older & out of print, but supposed to be real good. Cheap @ Alibris or ebay! by Jose B. Cruz ISBN-10 0070148708 ISBN-13 9780070148703 Schaum's Outline of Feedback and Control Systems AM BREADTH EERM - Probobly the best "Breadth" book out there. Fundamentals of EE (By Bobrow) - Goes into the "depth" of the AM stuff that EERM does not, so it complements it perfectly. More than you'll care to know. NCEES Electrical and Computer Study Guide Schaum's Basic EE (or similar Schaums, there's 3 or 4) One good text on Electronics (transistors, Op Amps), one Communications (basic) and one Digital (binary, hex, chips, micro, clock cycles, K-map). EE Quick Reference (other board or Kaplan's Referenced Review by Bentley) PM POWER Depth Power Systems Analysis (Grainger) Electric Machines, Drives and Power Systems (Wildi) Schaum's Electric Power Systems & Schaum's Electric Machinery NEC Code for Code questions. "Public Lighting" & "IESNA Illumination Handbook" for lighting questions. I also printed and bound lots of stuff from Wikipedia ranging from DC motors, Generators, Computers, load flow, etc. Thank you..This helps a lot in starting for my prep.. So are the 40 AM and 40 PM questions randomly distributed in the 8 hour test? Did you find timing as a constraint? Were the allotted 8 hours enough? What difference did you see between the EIT (FE) test and the PE test? Also, what other exam day tips would you give?
  13. Hi friends, I wish to find out about good reference books and study material to prepare for Electrical and Computer Engineering PE exam. Also, do any schools around Philadelphia offer review courses in this field? I noticed that there arent many places offering refresher coursework in Electrical and Computer engineering... Please help,
  14. Hello, I am planning to apply for my PE in Electrical and Computer Engineering. My background is in Networks/ Communications. I had a few questions, kindly guide me: 1- What sort of 'design' experience, will the board accept for electrical and COmputer Engineering? I am not into software and neither purely into Electrical. I have reviewed a lot of software system designs, worked in the planning of new networks etc. 2- I have a lot of hands-on experience. THis is one of the best sources of my experience. How can I convince the board about this type of experience? Do they accept it? 3- I will have less than 3 years of work experience in this country by my application (albeit, a total of 5.5 years by this May, considering my foreign experience). Which states in the east coast willingly accept foreign experience. 4- I have been working for the same company since my graduation. I heard from a friend that the board usually disregards one year of work experience, saying that this is the 'training phase' in the new office. Is it true? I do have 2.5 yrs of foreign experience before my master's education and the existing job. Thanks,
  15. Hi guys, I know that the Structural P.E. exam's format is changing beginning Apr'2011, but, does the format change apply to Electrical too?
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