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  1. iwire and daw4888 are correct. 50 unit is Instanteneous - no intentional time delay. Typically have higher setting value i.e. severe faults. 51 time delay unit - when you want intentional time delay for a particular value of fault current. Time Dial settings is way for you to set the relay (it gives you multiple possible time delays for a particular fault current or vice versa). Hope this helps.
  2. There are plenty of good references available on internet. Search "System Grounding", "Equipment Grounding", "Ground fault protection", etc.
  3. power62

    NEC 2011

    Just sent you a PM. I have a brand new 2011 NEC codebook (not handbook).
  4. It is sometimes hard to explain on how to study for PE tests. Base your studies on Subjects/Topics listed in NCEES guidelines for Power test. Study a topic/subject for a week or two (and make your notes/references for that topic). Then do sample problems (from CI books, Spin up sample tests, and NCEES sample exam). Go through all the topics like that. If you are planning to take exam in April 14 start studying now. CI code drill book is good one to become familiar with the NEC book. I would also suggest to buy NEC handbook and code or atleast handbook.
  5. You do not need to know NEC inside out for the test. You should be familiar with main aspects (ampacity tables, voltage drop, grounding, breaker sizing etc) and should know where to look for the information. Handbook has colored graphics/explanation etc, hardcover/bulky while code is paperback. I could not tell which one is better.
  6. I received the wall certificate over this weekend. Certificate is not impressive and on a cheap paper.
  7. peman, from where did you order it? I think first 4 digits (0402) are common or generic.
  8. did you do online search in VADAPOR (license lookup/search)? Mine PCS site also does not show it. I do not care about PCS site. As long as you got email from NCEES and got "Pass" results you should be fine.
  9. Codebook includes all the NEC codes (regulations). Typically sells for about $80-90. Handbooks contains all the NEC codes as well as expert commentary or explanation of the code regulations. Typically sells for about $150-170.
  10. I got mine in couple of days or so. Results were released on Thursday last of week (5/30/13). When I checked online on the weekend mine license number was there. I have not received the paper copy yet.
  11. Since I passed my PE exam recently I am selling some of my references/books. All of them are in brand new condition (with no marks or highlighting). 1. PE (electrical) by Chelapati Vol. 1 3rd Edition: $60 (SOLD) 2. PPI Power Practice Problems: $40 (same book selling at Amazon or PPI for about $75). (SOLD) 3. 2011 NEC Codebook (paperback): $50 4. Spin Up PE Power Sample Exams : $50 (SOLD) 5. Complex Imaginary Sample Exams (Volumes 3 & 4): $30 (SOLD) Lots of other reference material on different NCEES specified subjects including my own cheat sheets.
  12. Power62 Passed PE - Electrical (Power) VA
  13. VA - Elect (Power) Passed 1st Try as per NCEES record. No change in my status at PCS??
  14. power62

    Electrical Results

    Electrical (Power) - Passed 1st try - VA Thanks to this board!! I knew I did well but you never know.
  15. NJ Mike did you get an email from PCS or just checked into your account?
  16. Email response from PCS (VA Coordinator) They are working on them. hopefully soon (by the weeks end) you will receive and email.
  17. MSEE 88 Electric Power PE April 13 (???) 20+ Years Experince mostly in the Nuclear Industry Working as contractor (consultant) at a nuclear plant Avg annual salary for last five years $160-170K + Per Diem(living expenses since living away from home) + Overtime. But no Benefits. Permanent (regular) employees with my kind of background $100-120 plus benefits & bonus.
  18. Ultimakf7, I struggled with that one too and initially thought there was an error with the question. It was tricky one but ultimately it clicked and was able to get the right answer(i think).
  19. State and NCEES Application/Exam fee: $350 NEC Code and Handbook : $200 Various other referenes/books : $600 Hotel/Gas/etc.: $200 Missed one day work: $1000 (every hour/day I do not work I do not get paid) Total: $2400 (Approax.) Reimbersed: $ 0
  20. JC you are right that it is frustating being not able to to discuss some of these questions. Firstly it would be beneficial to your professinal development as well as you are curious to see if you answered it right and if not why. I feel that in some of these policies NCEES is behind its time.
  21. Butch, definetly time for change. What is your discipline? I know how small AE firms try to squeeze everything out of you. Are you willing to relocate? I kind of figured out this early in my career that I would rather sit at home unemployed (for some time) than work for a small AE firm.
  22. Thanks Redskins for your reminder. Yes, we have to be careful.
  23. I am already in phase 2 or 3. Doubting myself that i probably screwed up even the simple questions or marked them wrong.
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