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  1. jrf500


    You should receive you PE license number on a small card in the mail a couple days after your information is posted on the board's website. Then about 6 months from now you will receive your 8.5" X 11" wall certificate. Any idea the reason for the long wait for the wall certificate?? I guess in the big picture of things it makes no difference, just seems odd that it would take 6 months to get a certificate out!!
  2. jrf500


    You did fill out the license application that came with your pass letter and included the $132 application fee right? I got my pass letter on June 1st, and I sent out the app and check the same day. My license was issued the next day on June 2nd, and I got it in the mail on June 7th. It doesn't take them long - did you check the boards website in the license lookup to see if you are listed? Hmm, interesting. I did fill out the application and send in the check for $132 the day after I received my pass letter (mailed the check 6/3/11, I see the check cleared through my bank account yesterday), but haven't seen a letter yet. And I checked the online licensing deal and my name hasn't shown up yet. Well if yours went that quick, mine must be close. Thank you!! Congrats on your new license as well!
  3. jrf500


    Has anyone visited with the State of MN as to when they release license numbers? Or does anyone know roughly how long it's taken in the past? Just curious, I know it doesn't matter too much. I have a raise coming when I actually get an official license number, so I can't help but be a little anxious. Plus, the company won't tell me what it is until it's official either!! haha, I'm not too worried. I was stressing waiting for the results, but this is a much easier wait!
  4. jrf500

    Passed, Pay Raise?

    For what it's worth....I think it's very well written and very fair "argument" for you to bring up. He has the right to say "no", but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to bring it up in a professional manner just like you did. If nothing else, the company owes you some discussion as to why the PE won't be recognized in terms of responsibility or compensation. They obviously don't have to give you a raise or more responsibility/opportunities (I hope they do and think they should...but they don't have to)....but I think they do owe you an explanation. You presented it in a very professional manner, you also waited 6 months. You didn't send this to him the day after you got your PE which would have not been quite right. Good job on your part to look out for yourself. FYI, I passed just yesterday and plan to present a similar "argument" to my supervisor in a few months if the company hasn't acknowledged my registration at all in the meantime. Good luck to you!!!
  5. jrf500


    Just got the mail and I passed. Civil (Construction). Man that's a big relief and a nice weight to get off my shoulders! Congrats again to all that passed. Thanks for helping me pass these last days here too waiting for results. The wait was worth it now!
  6. jrf500


    Well I rushed home over my lunch hour only find an empty mailbox again! Not entirely empty I guess, just empty of the letter I care about! Hopefully others are seeing their's. I don't live in the Minneapolis area, so very easily could be a day delayed for me in the mailing process. The wait goes on... I wouldn't have even gotten excited if someone else hadn't said their's showed up this morning.
  7. jrf500


    Really?!? CONGRATULATIONS if so!! This got me off guard cause I spoke with Board late yesterday and got no indication that letters were ready to be mailed out yet. I was told they were still being worked on. Congrats again!! I hope I get to post something similar in a day or so!!
  8. jrf500


    Just called the Board. Bottom line is results are not out yet. She would not give me any indication of when they'll go out except to say "we are working on them and they will go out when they are done". Needless to say that didn't help me much.
  9. jrf500


    That's a good point. I don't think they worked Saturday!! HOPEFULLY they get them out today. I talked to them late Friday and they were not out yet (which I guess we know now cause not one person got results in the mail Sat). I really hope they mail them today. Let us know on here if anyone talks to them and finds out if they were in fact mailed.
  10. jrf500


    Just went and got the Saturday mail and nothing for results. Even though I basically knew it wouldn't be in there...my mind still played a trick on me and thought maybe there's a 1% chance some got mailed out late yesterday and it would show up today. But nothing yet! Looks like we get to move our suspense into next week. At least now I can somewhat forget about it for a couple days knowing it can't show up till next week sometime. Have a good holiday weekend.
  11. jrf500


    Minnesota is still waiting! Talked to them today and letters aren't even in the mail to us yet.
  12. jrf500


    I just finally called them. Got sick of waiting and not knowing. She told me nothing more than what is said above. Exact response was ...."we just got them, we're working on processing them, and have no specific date in mind as to when they will go out. When they're done they'll go out via mail". There goes my slim hopes of it showing up in the mail tomorrow. This is frustrating.
  13. jrf500


    I don't get this at all. The other states (ND, , etc) that still get snail mail letters, seem to all be getting their's mailed out today (judging from other posts on this board). So I don't know why MN wouldn't have their results yet from NCEES. Frustrating.
  14. jrf500


    Man, that ruined my morning. I was holding out for getting results Fri or Sat of this week. The NCEES website says they've notified all states of their results. So they must've mailed them actually. So the wait continues. This is killing me.
  15. jrf500


    Thank you for the info. This is really killing me not knowing. Just knowing that all those results are sitting in Minnesota waiting to be mailed to me bugs the heck out of me. I have not called them. I considered it but didn't yet I guess.