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  1. As an update to this topic I started...... I never started my own firm. I still want to though. I did pass PE. I left state government and now work the Feds doing engineering and LOVE IT. Never knew a work environment could be so friendly and relaxed and flexible.
  2. Maddriver20

    PTOE exam?

    I have received about 15 requests for the questions I obtained by paying for the sample exam. Out of those 15, only one person has shared their questions with me. Moderators please delete my email address from above.
  3. Passed in Arkansas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I took the Civil/ transportation in NC. Morning was brutal. I didn't bomb it, but didnt do excellent either. The afternoon I smoked it. Lots of design questions and less traffic questions. I feel good about the test.
  5. I thought about this. From what I have been told MBA programs are not geared toward Engineering to give enough help to justify the tuition cost. I am looking at a Masters in Engineering Management, which my employer will pay for. My father went from government employee to CEO of his own contracting busniess and he can give me some knowledge on something.
  6. Yes, I do need to check into this. I guess I will have to ask my suporvisor.
  7. I am nearing a fork in the road career wise and need some advice. I can either keep working as an engineer for state government or in 3-5 years pursue the dream of having my own engineering firm. I need to decided on what I want to do know so I can get the basics done while still working. There will be a time where I will be out of job and not getting paid until I get contracts. I want to keep that time to a minimum. Problem: -I have no idea on how to start a business (LLC vs Inc; obtaining loans; etc....) -I have not come up with what engineering services I would like to offer (roadway design, traffic engineering, consulting, etc...) -I basically need a mentor My plan: -Obtain PE license (test is in October, I will be studying overtime!!!) -Apply for a new job in the Engineering Procurement office Working there I should be able to learn exactly what a firm needs to get contracts and how much they make $$$ -While working there do the initial steps in starting a business (taking a class, getting business name, website, LLC, tax ID, etc...) What do you think? I have worked as a Civil Engineer in the Trasportation field for 5 years. 4, years of Roadway Design (large projects Microstation all day) and 1 year of Project Management of System Preservation projects (resurfacing, sidwalks, etc...)
  8. Im sure that parntership will not come to light until they feel im ready. I was told the position I would be offered leads into partnership. I'm leaning toward option 2
  9. I need your advice on which career path is best. First a little about me. BS in Civil Engineering, EI, sitting for PE soon, 4 years working for state government in design branch. States across the country are cutting budgets and A LOT of projects are now going to the private sector. So I have some choices: OPTION 1 Stay where I’m at. Low pay, not much room for growth, seems like a dead end job. Job is somewhat secure, benefits are good (not great), and relax office setting. OPTION 2 Go to a small firm as lower-mid level engineer. This firm would put me on a partner in development program, which would lead to me becoming a partner down the road. The existing partners are very close to retirement. OPTION 3 Go to a very large firm; 24,000 employees. Come in as entry level, move up to task lead in about 4 years, then maybe project engineer. Salary aside which would you chose and why?
  10. Thanks guys for all the info and suggestions. Im in NC now. I looked up the cost of living (food, transporation, housing, and health care) and the place with the firm has a 2% lower cost of living. At first I was only considering this for the money, but after talking to the firm, the position seems 10x better. I feel pigeonholed where I'm at now. Like I'm going to be stuck doing one specific task in a small cube forever. While the grass might not be greener on the other side. At this point I am willing to take that risk.
  11. Try to find out what others with the same experience make in your company. And I will tell you, YES YOUR SALARY IS LOW. Salary wise, State gov is the lowest, then local gov, then federal, and the highest earning is private.
  12. need more info. Do you have EIT? Intership experience? State gov, Local gov, or private job?
  13. Im a Tranportation engineer and I work for state govt. I have 4 years of experience, EIT, and 1 year of college internship experience. I will sit for the PE this October. I've had a couple of interviews with a small private firm. They do transportation, general civil, surverying, and traffic stuff. Everything so far sounds very good and I am looking for a job change. Job would require for me to move. I am having a hard time coming up with an expected salary range. I currently make mid 40s, I think I am very underpaid, but everybody is in state govt. So what type of range should I be asking for? I looked up salary info for Transporation Engineers with 4 years of experience and the median salary in my city is $62k. To me, that sounds high, but I might just be use to low pay.
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