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  1. Is there a specific thread where people are posting their scores so we can hone in on the cut score?
  2. I am in TN...sounded to me like I should wait until I get the physical letter, then pay $140 registration fee
  3. So the thing about not being able to sign up for the October PE until after June...looks to me like June 17, the date upon which you can register for the October 2018 exam, is the first Monday after 10 weeks from the date of the last test. 8-10 weeks for theory is they don't want to have to deal with issuing a bunch of refunds for the October test to people who thought they were going to fail April and signed up and paid for October, and it turned out they actually passed April.
  4. What is it in Tennessee?
  5. I don't care what anyone else says, you passed the FE and that feels awesome! Congrats
  6. I got my results Dec 30th and PASSED! :dancingnaughty:
  7. I live in Gallatin, and I did not receive a letter. Did you take the PE? No, I was talking about the FE...sorry, all this time I thought this was for FE or PE
  8. lucky? maybe...I took it in April without any study time and didn't know how to use the calculator and missed it by two points or so....this time I studied
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