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  1. StructuralGirl

    PE result

    Like Maine... I have to wait an extra week or two. So once you all get your results I'll be going home at lunch everyday checking my mail box!!
  2. StructuralGirl

    PE result

    Eight weeks from the 28th would actually be the 23rd of December... right? I don't think those of us who still recieve the results via state mail will be getting them anytime before January 6th which means I have another whole month to try and stop obsessing over the results!!! I don't think I can handle another FAIL!! Any suggestions on what I could be if structural engineering doesn't work out?
  3. I just found out I failed the structural 1 exam. I'm not sure what to do as I can't just take this test again. Anyone in the same position... do you have any thoughts on taking the SE exam (16 hours, $1000) vs. taking the Civil PE with a structural afternoon? I don't know a damn thing about Civil Engineering anymore.... Help?!
  4. I took the structural 1 but I am also still waiting on results. It was my first time taking it in October so I have nothing to compare. I do know there were more bridge questions then I hoped! I hope we both passed!!
  5. Straight from the ME Board... Sheena, NCEES has indicated that the results will be available to us in a day or so. We then send them to the members of the board for review and the go ahead to release the results. If they arrive today or tomorrow, we would be releasing them to you around the 6th or 7th of January. Beatrice Labbe, Supervisor of Licensing State of Maine, Professional Engineers They arrived today according to NCEES so we should be getting them next week. So far, everyone I know who doesn't live in this lovely state has passed! GOOD LUCK!!!
  6. CONGRATULATIONS! It took me 6 times to pass the FE myself and now I'm waiting very impatiently for my PE results... it's so stressful. I don't want to ever have to do this again!! From my own personal experience, I cried like a baby and then celebrated, hard, for a good week. I hope you did as well!!!
  7. I hope we don't have to wait until after they meet on the 20th. That's just mean. It's already bad enough that ME doesn't allow NCEES to email us our results - if we have to wait until the last week of January to hear, I might just lose it!!! BTW - I think I know who both of you are
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