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  1. What about an online master's degree? Would any of you recommend that?
  2. Howdy folks! I wish to draw on the sage advice of some of the more experienced engineers. Here's my story: I graduated with a BS in civil engineering and did Army ROTC in college. I commissioned into the Army thinking it was going to be my career and that I'd never use engineering ever again. And, well, after four years of the Army, I honestly think engineering was in fact the right career for me. I'm separating from the military this summer so now I have to decide what to do with my life. I got accepted to Arizona State's master of engineering program. I can get some modest benefits from the VA (50% post-9/11 GIB) but other than that, I have no definite scholarships. I'm also getting job offers for entry-level civil engineers in Texas and New Mexico (so far.) My goal is to become a structural engineer and get my PE. So my question graduate school worth it? Would it help me that much as a structural engineer? Would I be better off just going straight to the job market? Any insight will be helpful. Thanks.
  3. First, let me explain my situation. I went to a somewhat-selective private University and got an BSCE on an ROTC scholarship. Now that I'm active duty, I'm considering using the military's tuition assistance program to pay for an online master's degree. The one that looks most appealing is ERAU's new MS in Engineering Management. My goal for when I get out is to be a project manager in construction/engineering/public works, etc. Does anyone in here think that this MS would fit the bill for becoming a project manager? Is there a better option out there as far as online graduate work? Any ideas, experiences, or sage advice would be appreciated.
  4. They came in via e-mail about an hour ago. Looks like I passed. Was anyone else there, in that '70s-lookin' hotel?
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