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  1. They're up!!!!! I passed!!!!!!!!!
  2. VAPSU

    NCEES PE Pass rates

    There is still the civil morning structural afternoon, it's the SE1 and SE2 tests that changed into that wonderful 16 hours of fun. Although I do wonder if more people ended up taking civil/structural now and how that effected the pass rates this time around. I know at the northern VA testing center no one took the new SE exam, and in the past I'd say there were maybe 30-40 of us.
  3. I know PA and MA are, there probably is a list on the pcs website I'm guessing.
  4. You're welcome! Good luck to you too!
  5. We get them on the ncees website. It has in the past taken longer than other states though since it goes through pcs. I just hope we find out before the weekend!
  6. I'm guessing pcs is holding our results up again...
  7. I'm in VA...I just logged in and nothing yet.
  8. Congrats! Good luck to everyone still waiting! Hope we hear soon!!!
  9. We joke around in the office here that the people who think they aced the exam usually end up failing, and the people who think they failed usually end up passing. So far, it's been oddly pretty accurate. The first time I took it I thought I missed at most 2 questions, I was positive I got almost a perfect score...and then ended up failing. There are a lot of trick questions and easy mistakes to be made, and I noticed when I went into the exam a lot less confident I would noticed those things a lot easier than I did when I went in thinking the stuff was easy!
  10. I actually didn't get a score from Octobers test here in VA, but the previous attempt I did (a very very frustrating 69!) The diagnostic report does actually show you how many questions you got correct for each section and the total number of those questions in that section, so you can easily calculate your un-curved score. So I don't know if with the new NCEES online system/diagnotic report, VA has stopped giving out scores or what, but if I pass this time around I'll let you all know if VA does in fact give out passing scores or not!
  11. We had to pay for the test and any books we need at my company, which unfortunately since there were a few of us taking it from my office meant I had to go out and buy all my own copies of the codes. I'm just really really hoping I passed so I can sell them and get some $$ back! We also have to use our vacation time to take the test here. We do get a small bonus if we pass, which basically covers the cost of the test and study materials. I also took the civil-structural. Thought the morning was really easy, the afternoon wasn't super hard, just a bit time consuming. I made the mistake of going after the longer problems first and think I wasted too much time on those instead of tackling the quick ones first. At this point I feel I did ok, but who knows, I could have very easily made some dumb mistakes! Keeping my fingers crossed I don't have to take it again!
  12. Is the purpose of the comment form to point out questions that should be thrown out or is it for NCEES to recognize things to avoid in future exam questions? (or both?) I noticed a few questions that seemed to be flawed or I had to make some pretty broad assumptions and I wanted to comment on them, although I’m fairly certain I got those correct and I’m hesitant to point out flaws if it means getting those questions I think I got correct thrown out. (I figure I could use all the correct answers I can get!)
  13. I took the civil-structural...and I found the morning to be super easy. I actually finished in just under 2 hours, then went back and checked all my answers twice. Of course now that I've had the weekend to think about it I'm starting to second guess everything and feel like I must have missed something to have finished so quickly! The afternoon I thought was pretty rough. It wasn't so much the difficulty of the questions, but that there were a bunch that took more than 6 mintues to solve. I was writing until the very last second. Although I did manage to answer them all, I just worry since I was so rushed I made some stupid mistakes. Guess we'll see come June!
  14. One thing to keep in mind is you may have to go up steps with your stuff. At the northern Virginia site there were about 3 or 4 steps to lug your stuff up to get into the building (apparently ADA wasn't around when that place was built). Not fun with two rolling suitcases! Best of luck to everyone tomorrow!
  15. Got mine yesterday in VA.
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