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  1. Congrats on passing Leo. If you don't mind me asking, why did you decide to take the Other Disciplines rather than Electrical? In my opinion i think the questions get way too indept when u take the discipline specific exam other disciplines are more general, medium difficulty, also all my study materials was for the other discipline exam
  2. I took the FE exam (other disciplines) last week monday and receive and Passing score today, I would say the exam was fear, however i studied for about 4 months so maybe i was just prepared, I think its better than the old version just because its less questions and u dont feel mentally drain by the evening section.
  3. Congrats to all who passed PE exam the long journey as finally payed off :juggle:
  4. don't know about this book, however I would recommend these 3 books -Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems(Paperback)By (author) Theodore Wildi: as most of the info that school of PE uses -Complex Imaginary practice exams all 4: excellent for practice, take one exam each week before test exact has if you where in exam time yourself -Electromechanical Energy Devices and Power Systems: 1st Edition: very good for reading to prepare for theory questions there are lot more books out there but these 3 help me to pass, I felt I was well prepared for exam Good luck
  5. what in the world could be taking so long for PA to release results this is outrageous, so glad I took the exam in MI
  6. that should be a yes, I believe 70% is the raw score pass mark
  7. congrats, first time?
  8. i wonder what was the cut off or if they curve exam cause i saw post where people said that they go 51/80 raw scored and did not pass
  9. Wow this mean that they must not have curve exam cause you only need 56/80 to pass with 70%
  10. leo

    Electrical Results

    congrats pakiterp, i know that exam must was difficult, I took POWER
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