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  1. Best fishing rod case seen in the secure area of the airport. TSA approved and permitted; gate agent refused... (Look at what she's carrying.)
  2. Plain bagel with ginger-vanilla rhubarb jam.
  3. I swapped last Saturday for the 5th, already enjoying the 4 day weekend. Enjoy going to the office wooly ;p
  4. You mean speedbump. If he hits it, avoid the battery pack of at all possible. As for the repairs, make him look for the parts at a pick n pull (junk yard) and only order online (amazon) as a last resort. can help locate parts at local yards (but the hunt in person can be half the fun). Not only will he learn how to fix the part locally, he'll get some sweat equity into the project. There used to be a good yard between Denver and Fort Collins on the frontage road. I don't recall if it was there when i was on Colorado last or not. They are disappearing these days.
  5. Alaska results released 5/16. Co worker announced a successful result.
  6. I received authorization to take the seismic test in the second quarter two weeks before I took the test near the end of the first quarter. Still waiting for results...
  7. I don't have HBO, or general TV service. I'll probably watch it eventually.
  8. Check the above thread for details. I used the Hiner manual & practice exams. While his practice exams are somewhat close to the actual exam, I'd recommend taking some of the other practice exams available as well for practice.
  9. The seismic exam is open book, but you better know them well as you don't have time to be searching for the answers. Can't comment on the Survey as I haven't taken it (yet). Successful completion of both exams is required for a Civil PE in California. I'm only taking the seismic as it's required for the Guam civil PE.
  10. hmm, maybe it's a good thing that I haven't watched a single one 😂
  11. You must spam this thread and get it to 15k before the results come in. That is the rule of the board! It used to be a 10k, then the results took longer than expected, so it was expanded to a 15k. Can this thread actually get to 15K?
  12. I'm at the NASCC conference in St Louis. Then again, I took my CA seismic exam last week and not taking anything from NCEES anytime soon. Good luck to those about to sit for their exams.
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