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  1. I have a different part number, similar manufacturing though.
  2. I’ve probably have the same service thru work. No alerts yet.
  3. Now that’s pretty scary.
  4. blybrook PE

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    I guess I can be a stand in but guarantee that I won’t be very active. Consider me a Non playing character.
  5. It may also be possible that he had (has) a bad breaker and backfeeding it reset the internal configuration temporarily. It may be worth swapping the two breakers that tripped as well. Or pull them both out and see if the fans are still running, there's some frankenwire going on.
  6. It's worth it to upgrade the outlets regardless. Now you will have to figure out WHERE the power is getting disconnected at. Just be careful with the extension cord fix, you've potentially re-energized the dead circuit and could have re-energized a fault / short that initially caused something to go kaput. If there is a short, it could be a fire waiting to happen. I would take the wires off of the re-energized outlet and only connect those needed for the fans to prevent issues elsewhere.
  7. Mid 70's construction is less likely to have a stab wired outlet, unless the PO put them in. It is a safe assumption that the wiring goes from the panel to the first device, then branches off, however, there could be any number of junction boxes hidden in the walls. It is also possible that there used to be a switch controlling the outlets, or portion of the outlets (such as the top or bottom half only) and the switch removal wasn't re-wired correctly (or the outlet for that matter). 70's construction could have the lights on separate circuits from the outlets, but that's not guaranteed. Side note, the first round of stab wired outlets (early to mid 90's) held the wires in place with metal springs, these failed constantly and caused a few fires. The current version has internal metal plates that are secured by tightening the side screws. I've seen all sorts of scary home wiring configurations (I was a residential electrical apprentice in the 90's through middle / high school).
  8. Your kids are home right now, send one of them under there to get the photos and trace the wires!
  9. Most likely tied to a tripped GFI in the house. Time to start searching rooms to find the outlet. I've also seen exterior outlets run thru a switch in a utility closet. This was before GFI's were really popular and the owner wanted to control the lights from inside.
  10. blybrook PE

    EB Mafia

    I'm out this week. Office is working to limit our work from home situations. It's going to be an interesting week regardless.
  11. Depending on how the plugs (recepticals) were wired, you could have a bad receptical. I've seen several that were stab wired lose connection or have bad assembly. Some just go bad. If the circuit isn't popping out the gfci isn't tripped, there's a lose /bad connection. I doubt it's a wire nut unless it's a recent repair; they don't tend to go bad. Fastest way to check is to use a plug in style wiring tester. Similar to the following: If it blinks or doesn't show connection, mark it with tape and move to the next receptical upstream (closer to circuit panel). The first one that has power is the first to check, then move back downstream checking each one individually. That's how I've diagnosed electrical circuits in the past. Beats ripping out more components than necessary.
  12. Not directly automotive related, but another use for the hi lift: Pulled another rock out of the lawn. The frame is cobbled together from an old bow flex base and some unistrut. Edit- sorry for the rotation issues. Posted from phone.
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    Happy birthday!🎂
  14. I was told caramel popcorn
  15. I drive a manual transmission Ram 3500. Prefer the stick for winter conditions as I don't have to worry about the transmission shifting on me when things start to slip. Much better control in winter conditions. I grew up driving a manual and had to special order the truck to get it. They are harder and harder to find. Added bonus of theft deterrent and the wife can't drive it.
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    Good round everyone
  17. blybrook PE

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    You haven't used a Desert Eagle then. The safety is an easy switch on either side, easy to "paw" into position. Just a shame to shoot right now at $1.75 a round...
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