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  1. blybrook PE

    funny pic thread

  2. blybrook PE

    Alaska results out

    Only thing you didn't mention are the volcanos. We have just about every type of natural disaster your can design for somewhere in the state. We also have nearly every soil / rock type and weather condition imaginable. If anyone wants to truly visit, be sure to take the ferry and then drive the main road to the oil fields and back. You'll really experience the differing conditions.
  3. blybrook PE

    Alaska results out

    Since she's not on here screaming that she passed, she's let me know what I can update this thread that she did not pass this attempt. She didn't do worse than last time thankfully. She got the exact same score as her first attempt. Now we figure out when she's going to try again. Not likely going to be in October due to summer activities... Maybe she'll keep us posted!
  4. blybrook PE

    Alaska results out

    I will let her post when she comes online. I'm going to bail off the site for a few days to ease some of the expected congestion...
  5. blybrook PE

    April 2018 Results Map

    Alaska results started trickling out around 0945 local or 1345 Eastern. Good luck to all that are waiting.
  6. blybrook PE

    Alaska results out

    Alaska started releasing results from the April 2018 exam this morning around 0945 local. Good luck to those awaiting their scores.
  7. Guess it wasn't as simplistic as @Szar or @PeeWee posted about, even though the folks that have been here a while KNOW there are a few banned folks that have led others to believe it. Lets see what the results show as we'll only be waiting another week or two for these type of threads to show up. Remember, if you post your score into a cut score thread, be sure to post the discipline that you took. We're all in this together and while there is a good ribbing that goes on every exam cycle, some of us might not want anyone to get bent out of shape because they saw a discipline less 100% cut score. I'm betting that there were a few folks upset about the original post from Szar because the discipline wasn't mentioned. Laugh it off, enjoy the time you've had to relax and get ready to use that F5 key when the results start showing up.
  8. blybrook PE

    Just got Revit 2019 and Robot Structural 2019

    I haven't used ROBOT in about 8 years so I can't really help with the newer versions. I'm betting it's come a long way since the last time I used it. Hopefully for the better as previously it didn't compare to the RISA package. Congrats on the new software. Hope it works out for you the way you want it to.
  9. blybrook PE

    The 2018 Garden Thread

    Use an electric fence. I put in a 6' tall, multi strand fence a few years ago. Works great for the moose (until they break through it while getting chased by dogs). It's fun to watch the newborns try to lick it, once...
  10. blybrook PE

    The 2018 Garden Thread

    @mrs blybrook is responsible for the garden. It's been too cold to really get started until this past weekend. I know she's getting ready to get started. There are tomatoes and strawberries in the house waiting to go outside.
  11. blybrook PE

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    Wow, this thread is going slow...
  12. blybrook PE

    Happy Birthday roadwreck!

    Happy birthday. Enjoy the day.
  13. blybrook PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    Those of us who prefer the North country know how to stay hidden to the outsiders AKA lower 49...
  14. blybrook PE

    Horse is to stable

  15. blybrook PE

    Engineering Calculations Software

    I try to stick with MathCAD and Excel. If it's a document that needs to be shared, it'll be wholly in Excel to prevent issues between individuals. Not everyone can easily decipher the MathCAD nomenclature or layout; no matter how user friendly you try to make it. The older versions have some issues with current operating systems, and the newer subscription service just plain sucks. Be aware of that if you decide to upgrade to the newer version.