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  1. Seven years out of college.
  2. gt2004

    PE status rewards

    I just passed Oct 2011 and am getting a $1,000 award. No raises, but it will open up a lot of opportunities within the company for me.
  3. gt2004

    PE Exam Chemical -- Self-study Advice

    I just passed the Oct 2011 PE exam and used Perry's, Lindberg, and some of my school texts during the exam. I used the NCEES practice exam (current and previous edition), Lindberg practice problems, and Six Minute Solutions while I was studying for the exam. I found the NCEES practice exam to be the most beneficial during my studying and pretty helpful during the test as well. The six minute solutions and Lindberg problems were more complicated than what I saw on the exam but they're good to help you think.
  4. gt2004


    gt2004, Passed PE, Ga- Chemical
  5. gt2004

    GA Results

    Georgia results are up. I haven't gotten an email but checked MyNCEES and passes. 2nd try, chemical
  6. gt2004

    PE Results - some are released

    Georgia Results are out on NCEES, no email yet. Passed Chemical, 2nd try.
  7. gt2004

    Where are you Waiting?

    Georgia - Chemical, 2nd time waiting.
  8. gt2004


    I failed Chemical in Ga with a 41/80. I didn't study due to moving, new job, surgery and a few other things that popped up. I wanted to reschedule but missed the deadline by about a week. Amazing how quick four months can go by. I've got a better idea what to study for now and have new books on the way. Good luck to everyone for April and congrats to those who passed.
  9. gt2004

    GEORGIA - RESULTS Oct 2010

    I failed chemical, 41/80. I ran out of time and didn't study the first go around. I'll know what to study now for the April exam at least.
  10. gt2004

    No Studying

    I took the chemical exam cold my first time this fall. I didn't have the time to study that I had planned. I tried to reschedule but missed the cancellation date. I figured I would take it and at least get a better hope for spring. I've done more mechanical and electrical since graduating so none of it was fresh. Don't know my results yet though since Ga is not as quick
  11. gt2004

    GEORGIA - RESULTS Oct 2010

    Called the board to update my mailing address since it was still incorrect on my EIT license. The lady said they had no word on the PE results and sounded pretty irritated. They must be getting lots of calls.
  12. gt2004

    GEORGIA - RESULTS Oct 2010

    The PLB added the new EIT's by exam yesterday, so it looks like once they get the results, it'll turn around pretty quick.
  13. gt2004

    GEORGIA - RESULTS Oct 2010

    I'd guess end of the workday on Thursday for results since they are closed Friday.
  14. gt2004

    Question: EIT

    I was 5 years out of school and did my discipline specific (chemical) in the afternoon. I procrastinated too long, so all I left time for was to study the handbook and familiarize myself with it before the test. I was surprised I passed, but I made sure to focus on questions I knew how to do in the morning and not worry about things like the electrical problems that were outside my area. I didn't think the discipline specific part was too bad. Five years removed from school most of it was still fresh and I had plenty of time.
  15. gt2004

    Latest update from NCEES

    This is disappointing. Time to relax and not worry for a few days. Happy holidays everyone.