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  1. Any idea when the minutes of the board meeting will be out? My application was being reviewed and hope they have a quick turnaround time.
  2. I just got my Record in October and submitted for comity in KS, OK, IA, and MN. I had no problems with having an unlicensed supervisor in KS, OK, and MN and have gotten licensed in all of those states. However in IA, they were taking a long time in comparison with the other 3. I called and they said that my application was going to have to go to a board meeting for approval because they require experience under a licensed supervisor. They tell me this a week before the board meeting. However, you can have an unlicensed supervisor fill out their reference form plus an unlicensed tutelage form and submit that in addition to the NCEES Record. They said if I could get that to them before the board meeting then my application would probably get approved. Otherwise, if it didn't get to them in time, I would have to wait another 2 months until their next board meeting for approval. Board meeting is tomorrow so hopefully I hear something soon. They got my forms today. Anyway, to make a long story short, in general I haven't had problems with an unlicensed supervisor, but some states might have additional hoops to jump through if you do.
  3. gymrat1279 PE


    Finally got through to IA on the phone after trying for 3 days and sending an e-mail. All they could tell me is that the application was there and waiting for a board member review. No time frame as to how long that would be. The person I spoke with didn't sound like she was in too great of a mood.
  4. I don't think they've remade White Christmas. It's my all-time favorite Christmas movie. Have they remade Holiday Inn?
  5. gymrat1279 PE


    So it's not just me that thinks Iowa is slow. I applied for comity licenses in KS, MN, and OK at the exact same time as Iowa. I am now licensed in KS, MN sent me a letter saying everything looks good and I could get a temporary permit to practice engineering while I wait for a final review, and OK sent me a letter saying they received my application and their office has been great with getting back to me when I had questions. I haven't heard a peep out of IA yet. It's starting to irritate me.
  6. Mine got reviewed in 2 days and is now active. I think that's the shortest wait I've ever had for anything that had to do with the PE exam.
  7. Excellent! That's good to hear. I had everything in except for 1 reference which took an additional 2 weeks of me constantly checking the website to see if it was in. A few days should feel like nothing.
  8. Another question about the NCEES record. All of my verifications have been received by NCEES and the status of my application got changed to Review yesterday. How long should I expect the review to be before I receive approval? A couple weeks or more like a month or 2?
  9. Steak Caesar salad and garlic bread with a Diet Coke. It was pretty good.
  10. I got mine in about 5 weeks. As soon as I got the results of my exam (December 2007) I filled out the application and sent it in. All my references were in by the first or second week of January 2008. My name showed up with my license number on the website in mid February 2008. Hope that helps!
  11. I'm not married or engaged yet, but it really irritates me for some reason when I know men are married and don't wear their wedding rings. There are several people at work that do that who are always in the office. I understand if you have to take it off if you are working in the field or with machinery where there is going to be a safety risk, but I think people should wear it the rest of the time if they are married. You'll get used to wearing rings. If I forget to put on a couple rings that I wear daily, my fingers feel naked. My parents separated for a bit last year and are back together now and happy and when I saw that my dad didn't wear his ring for awhile it really bugged me.
  12. I only had to wait 5 weeks for them to process my paperwork. I had the application in the week after New Years and all my references in a week after that. I think it was 5 weeks after all the references were in, so 6 weeks total.
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