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  1. Oh, and to those of you new to the site, be aware that innuendo abounds... FYI - Book is sold
  2. 10 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could get it for $97!!!!!!! FYI -- Book is sold.
  3. 10 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could get it for $97!!!!!!!
  4. Oh, and to those of you new to the site, be aware that innuendo abounds...
  5. Last day for Ebay Auction!!! Transportation Testees, go get the Green Book. You'll be glad to have it come test day.
  6. Check out the listing.Ebay Listing - AASHTO Green Book '04 (Note the plug for EngineerBoards.)
  7. Posted to Craigslist: AASHTO Green Book '04 - Craigslist
  8. Ohio's license lookup page is starting to put out October's new PE's. I got my number, probably since I sent in my $50 last week. Time to add the ", P.E." to the email signature.
  9. Crush04

    Ornate Stamp?

    If Chuck Norris were an engineer, he'd stamp his plans with his beard. Either that or have his stamp embossed on his boot so that he could stamp his plans via a roundhouse kick.
  10. Bought new. Tabbed a few things for the test (I passed). Retails $145. I'm looking for $100 plus shipping ($10-$15 for a flat rate box).
  11. there is a whole forum for this purpose here: Yard Sale Nice. I've never scrolled down that far before. My bad.
  12. AASHTO Green Book '04. Plan to put it on eBay. I'll post details once it's up.
  13. Thought I'd start a thread for those of us who are looking to sell some of our resources.
  14. Crush04


    NCEES. I hit refresh and it had "results notice". I can't imagine the other states are too far off. And, Ohio was one of the states that had the "validate" lingo in the results explanation. So there's hope for you states that need your results validated by the state board.
  15. Crush04


    Ohio PE -- I passed. Cue riverdance.
  16. Go F. yourself buttercup. It's tough to do that. Always good to try though :smileyballs:
  17. I got my results too.......not! Ha ha, now I'm a phony.
  18. Actually it is kind of funny. And what a great opportunity to break out the Family Guy big fat phony clip. Nice work.
  19. Hey everybody, this guy's a big phony. He tricked me.
  20. In light of some of the posts I've seen and/or posted in this forum, you have submitted one of the most mature posts to date. Kudos.
  21. Well sorry you can not be a member........I wish you are never eligible to become a member of this group....Good Luck...... What if you took your pencil plus several other people's pencils at the same test?
  22. It's my fault really. I always pick the longest line at the store, I always pick the longest lane in a traffic jam, and it seems I picked the longest results turnaround for the PE. Sorry to the rest of you. My bad.
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