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  1. Yeah, that's me. I used this name on other forums, kinda surprised it changed it here.
  2. Yeah...saw some of the bad news. How are @Dleg and @Sapper PE? I remember Road Guy and Snickerd3. Trying to remember everyone else.
  3. How has everyone been over the last 5 years?
  4. Do you work for the utility, or an A/E? While the PE is nice, really not used much in nuclear power. My current (until next Friday) firm only gives a spot bonus for that accomplishment. Are you wanting to stick to nuclear power? Are you willing to relocate?
  5. That's the title in my married post-kids world. When I was a bachelor, in my mind it was I Am Legend. If you ask my lady friends, it was probably Speed Racer.
  6. Not a "bike", but the first wheeled item that I almost died on. Looking back, it's a wonder I made it through the ages of 6 - 10. Find the largest hill you could find, tear down it and halfway pull the levers. You'd (hopefully) spin the entire way down. Hopefully, because occasionally the back wheels would hit a hole and you'd go tumbling down the rest of the way. Finally one day the frame broke under the seat, causing the back axle to separate from the rest of the machine. Of course, this was mid-spin on the hill. I imagine the wreck to have looked very similar to when NASCARs start flipping in the air. This and my GI Joe Space Shuttle deal were the two greatest toys from my childhood.
  7. Ahem, 11.1% of the planets in my mind. #FreePluto
  8. With what I'm hearing from downtown, they won't get an SEC invite either. I expect a commitment to the Big 12ish soon.
  9. Here are some links I just found.
  10. What are you wanting to do? I've heard it used two ways. The first, and more common, is the guy that assists an architect in design of sound halls, churches, etc. I don't think that's a real engineering degree, and I don't think it pays much. I don't know much about it. The second is in the area of noise control in the area of mechanical systems, lumped in with vibration. I worked with a Noise Control expert during my time designing naval ships. They analyze the noise generated by a system (in this case, rotating equipment) and helped us to design a mounting system to reduce it. It was incredibly interesting, and I considered going that way for a while. The true engineering side of acoustical engineering would (I think) tend to fall in the wheelhouse of mechanical engineering. If you're interested, some of the big name mechanical schools (Purdue, GT, VT, etc.) have advanced degrees that focus on this area. Be prepared to get an advanced degree, the one I worked with was a PhD, and all his colleagues were as well. As far as salary, it's probably like everything else and based on location/responsibility/etc. I can definitively say that a PhD Noise Control Engineer for one of the big defense contractors located in Washington, DC was making $180K 2 years post-doc in 2007. Even taking into account that he was in DC, that was considerably more than I was making having gotten our undergrad degrees at the same time.
  11. Acceptable payment is now wire transfer, money order, or check. While I understand what they're doing, they had better come up with a way to electronically draft bank accounts. They need a convenience, and mailing a check or paying for a money order or wire transfer won't cut it. I take that back, I don't understand what they're doing. Coins are impractical, particularly dollar coins. I understand the life of a coin is much longer than a bill, thus cheaper for the country, but that doesn't change the fact that no one wants to carry a coin when they have a bill. What is the benefit of using dollar coins? What incentive is there to use them. Bottom line, it won't work. Stop wasting money trying to save money with a program that won't work.
  12. While I'm aware it wasn't as close as it makes it sound, this made me laugh.
  13. You're going to rob from somewhere else then. That means another space will get hotter. Why not try to enlarge the duct runs you have? Same result, no additional power usage. But be aware that the cooling in another area will become worse.
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