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  1. Raise? What's that? Haven't even heard that term in any other form than "nobodies getting a" in over 3 years.
  2. Alright bama folks the blue box just changed. Prob be in your mail box 2moro. They were mailed 2day.
  3. Myth, here in bama anyway.
  4. If you don't mind me asking, how much work did you do outside of the testmasters class sessions? I am in Alabama and still waiting but I did a review course other than testmasters.
  5. That's good stuff. If they started working on them yesterday we maybe in pretty good shape. Thanks for the update.
  6. SO ... Results? Hoping they were positive! I'm taking his absence is not a good sign.
  7. If the FE results (released by NCEES this time last week) are any indication, we can expect the board office to mail our results next Monday. That means that for most of us we can't expect results to arrive in our mailboxes any sooner than one week from today. That is unless the board puts a few results in the mail daily as they get them ready and then posts the "mailed date" on the website as the date they mailed the last of the results. Overall, thanks to Alabama's backward processes, we are all still waiting. I think they (state board) got the FE results later in the day on that Tuesday and they have a lot more FE results to process and send out. I think the only snag to us getting them on Friday would be if they have alot of employees taking vacation this week. I am still holding out hope for this year. If they go out tonight (leave Montgomery) they will be in your box tomorrow. It all depends on if they get them sorted today, but they won't let them trickle out. It will be all at once so everyone will get them the same day. Good luck!
  8. I choose to leave'em alone. They are pretty good about getting them out when they come in. They might have gotten them in enough time to send them out today, if not I bet they will be in your mailbox NYE.
  9. Sorry man, Been in your shoes twice, still waiting on results in Alabama. Don't give up.
  10. shut-up doodie head! It's just frustrating... Week 9 is over tomorrow... it's taken 2 weeks longer then last time and about a week longer then it has in years. With the test being givin later then usual, it's frustrating that we have to wait so long and potentially into the next year. Wow, doodie head? I guess next you will pick me last on your kick ball team during recess?
  11. You guys gotta quit hanging your hat on everyword you hear from them (or read on this board). Personally, I think today's the day but damn, leave'em alone and let'em work!
  12. Hey, nothing wrong with an express lane! I think bama has a quick turn around with ours as well.
  13. 1. Wash my PEness, theres no telling where it's been stuck while at ncees.
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