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  1. I have about 6 years experience as an EE in the consulting industry, for both an MEP firm and a full-service AE firm. I have my PE and am currently the head/only project manager for a branch office of a pretty good sized firm. I'm interested in getting into the oil/gas industry and relocating out of Dallas to try to get into a more lucrative sector. Any advise? Has anyone else made the transition out of consulting? Is there even demand for PEs with this type of experience in oil/gas or other industries? I would be willing to relocate in the US or internationally (as long as it is kid friendly-no Afganistan). Anyone done something similar?
  2. Most sectors of power engineering including utility, building (MEP consulting, etc) are barely engineering, so as engineers we are certainly a commodity. When the design is mostly driven by code or by company standards, you don't need top shelf inovative engineers. Average engineers or simply designers can do the majority of the designing 80-90% as good as a good engineer, so paying the increased salary for a top engineer isn't worth it. The end client doesn't appriciate it.
  3. Does anyone know how much lighting reps or HVAC reps make? I've looked up a few of their houses and some have half million dollar estates. Do they really pull that much in selling Lithonia or Trane stuff?
  4. Is this electrical overall or just power? I would expect the power test to have risen as review materials hone in on what's on the new format.
  5. Caligula

    Success Strategy

    You guys are crazy. You are overthinking it. For the Power PE, I got the NCEES practice exam, worked out each problem in the book, and one night glanced through the Camara book for 2 hours one night looking for stuff that I didn't come across in the practice test. I brought to the exam the practice test, my worked out long solutions, the Camara reference book, and the NEC. I got a 77. The only flaw is lack of studying economics. Do what I did above, spend a night on extra economics, and you should be fine.
  6. I'm going to have to stick around on this board
  7. Texas allows 1-5/8" stamp or 2" stamp. Any advice? Ego says get the 2" stamp..... but practical experience trying to cram seals on sheets says go for the small stamp.
  8. Caligula

    Ornate Stamp?

    Or an 80s style professional wrestler named 'The Engineer". I could have a big seal on a ring, and the finishing move could be to punch someone with it, then whip out a sharpie and sign the seal imprint left on the face. "Signed and sealed bi-otch!"
  9. Caligula

    Ornate Stamp?

    Well I'm thinking a standard rubber stamp with a nice handle/exterior. Though it would be cool to have a giant gold seal on a gold chain ala flava flave. Would make for a great nerdcore rapper named M.C. P.E.. Hmm, career change...
  10. Attitudes like this allow the entire field to be beaten over the head with the stick of "professionalism." Yes, engineering can be very satisfying, but it can also be incredibly aggravating. If it didn't pay the bills, I doubt most would stick around. It's also a lot easier to say you do it for love of the profession if you're actually respected and treated well by your employer. Furthermore that attitude drives down engineer's wages. Compared to the liability that comes with sealing plans and the typical long hours, engineers are very underpaid. Even in industry, engineers can be kept in their box and passed over for promotions/raises because they "love to do it".
  11. Caligula

    Ornate Stamp?

    It's time to order my stamp, but I haven't found the options I'm looking for. I'd like to get something a little ornate or with character, like perhaps a brass handle. So far everything I find is the generic wood/plastic stamp. Anyone know a good place to get an interesting stamp?
  12. A few zealot engineers do it for the profession. The rest of us do it for a paycheck.
  13. I passed PE, and I would have 25 posts if my topics related to the Texas PE roster weren't deleted....
  14. Caligula


    Results are there on tbpe. I passed power!
  15. I don't know about other states, but looking at the average number of days test-to-results from the last few years, next week is within the normal range.
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