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  1. Virginia

    Is it too early to call and check if they received your "Rules and Regulations" test?
  2. Virginia PE results

    You got a score? Talk abut inconsistency. They used to give out scores, then stopped during the last couple of years, then started giving them out again this year it seems like
  3. Virginia PE results

    Call them. You may be a victim of the "We don't have your Rules and Regulations test" issue. That's when they do not have the results of your Rules and Regulations test (from when you submitted your application), and they do not issue you a license yet, even if you passed the test . They have been pretty bad about notifying applicants and licensees about this in the past.
  4. Virginia PE results

    It will probably be a week. Last year, NCEES result email was on May 26, and DPOR Cert Date was June 2. Check the License Lookup daily using the * tool as a notice of when the new licensee upload happens. Then look for your name. Then another week after that you'll get your card in the mail. 2-3 weeks later you'll get your wall certificate.
  5. Passed, Pay Raise?

    I feel your pain. I am in the same boat. The design/construction industry is just in such a bad shape right now. I have seen many projects where we fully designed the facility, only for the project to go on the shelf since construction funding isn't available. Company revenue projections are based on construction administration fees that we eventually don't get, so we get screwed. I almost feel that it's not fair for me to be bitter about not getting a raise, since everyone is pretty much hurting right now. But I think your boss should at least give a monetary bonus, or a small token congratulations for passing the PE if a significant raise is not possible at the moment. It is a big accomplishment.
  6. Virginia April PE result: no score sent out this year?

    Probably did away with the score reporting. One of the casualties of a faster pass/fail reporting turnaround time. Oh well
  7. Passed, Pay Raise?

    A majority of your bosses got to where they are due to a good knowledge of the industry, and a tireless work ethic. But I found out that raises are one of the things they just love to sit on.
  8. Now what do you think?

    What would hbe the difference between someone who passed the Civil (structural) pe exam, and someone who passed the SE exam? Do you SE takers already have your PEs from passing Civil-Structural?
  9. Not just for the PE, its the same for the FE. Most people who are over the 3 attempts just apply to another stAte and then get registered in FL. The application for comity doesnt go into how many attempts you took for the exam iirc.
  10. Need to retake - courses worth it?

    wow... they must have lots of money. but anyway, great advice of keeping at it, 60% is mighty close, and you have the edge since you pretty much know the nature of the questions that are asked. the pass rate of the repeat takers also puzzled me before I took the test, but dont get discouraged. Hopefully we see you back here again during winter with the good news
  11. Passed, Pay Raise?

    Reminds me of my previous boss. The guy offered me less than what I was making from the company that I was initally coming from. Being the naive 23 y/o I was back then, I accepted it. But I've since left that place, and also left them with a nice big hole in their department.
  12. VIRGINIA RESULTS - April '11

    Check for your names in the DPOR Database, it's been updated, now officially a PE. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! j/k
  13. ***Sorry mods, please move to the General Section The passing score is priceless, but put a dollar value towards what you have spent in obtaining the PE? Application($) - 60 Test - 260 Chelapati Review Book - 95 Online Review Course - 600 NCEES Sample Practice Test - 40 Misc (Notebooks, tabs, highlighters, coffee, etc.) - 30 Total = $1085 I think I saved a lot since I kept my old books from college courses and already owned most of the codebooks that I needed.
  14. Passed, Pay Raise?

    To be honest, I don't even know how to ask for a raise. Exactly how it's done I don't know, it's like I'm supposed to feel guilty about it because of the current state of the economy. I started my career late-2006, and the recession began around the end of 2007, so I have never been through the process of an annual review that was followed by a raise. When I left my last company, I was making less than what I had started with as an entry-level engineer due to the salary reductions. The only pay increase I eve saw was through moving to a different company.
  15. Passed, Pay Raise?

    It's almost as if many firms are now taking advantage of the recession, by low-balling their employees. I am thankful to have a job, but don't use that as an excuse to not reward your employees when they deserve it.