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  1. Results for Maine are in... Passed Civil/Structural PE
  2. Fortierkj2

    ME PE results

    Any ideas when Maine will finally send out letters?
  3. Curious if some states have higher standards for a PE license if I was to get licensed by reciprocity after passing the exam. For instance, in my state say I scored a 71% and passed (barely). Could I be denied in another state because I didnt't get a xx%?
  4. Fortierkj2

    ME PE results

    Hi Sheena! Good luck, hope you passed! -KF
  5. Fortierkj2

    ME PE results

    Nothing yet here, do we need to wait until after the January 20th board meeting or does the board just turn around the results on their own letterhead? I was optimistic that we would see results this week but I have my doubts...
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