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  1. 22 years in Engineering, and I have never been so anxious #onthebubble
  2. One more item to note in Oregon. You have to be an Oregon registered PE to apply as an SE. So, if you're not already registered in Oregon, you'll have to go through comity as PE before you can apply for SE.
  3. I'm pretty sure this is not true for the PE Exam, not sure, I took it 9 years ago. But yes it is true for the SE Exam, I did just that for the April SE. You don't need any Oregon Authorization to sit for the SE Exam (they won't accept an application until you pass the Exam). You just sign up on NCEES for Oregon SE Exam, and a couple weeks before the exam you'll receive your admittance papers.
  4. Oregon is nice because you don't apply until you pass the exam. I took the exam a few weeks ago in Salem, and all you have to do is sign up with NCEES. So there is zero hassle to sign up and take the exams. Of course then you need to apply for SE licensure after you pass, but I don't thing there are any specific material design experience requirements. At lease I hope not, I'm a Bridges/Ports/Dams guy too so I have no masonry experience. Masonry is certainly were I struggled most on the exam, but I think I have a good shot a passing.
  5. Update: Online scheduling was still not working , but I was finally able to schedule over the phone this morning. What a waste of time, I really hope that the CA board reconsiders its relationship with this company.
  6. I got my ATT a few days ago. The date range I have is 4/3 to 4/24.
  7. Is there any real answer from Prometric about what the heck is going on for scheduling exams. I called multiple times and they just say that it will be fixed in a couple of hours. I'm getting sick of going on ever few hours and re-typing in my CC info to only have it crap out all over again. Seriously, what the heck is up with this company? I'm kind of happy I don't have to travel to CA to take the exams, and I can schedule them on separate days, but Prometric isn't exactly setting my mind at ease that they can handle this if they can't even schedule the exams.
  8. tomp


    Has anyone received their wall certificate yet? They say 6-8 weeks in the letter, but that was sent almost 10 weeks ago.
  9. I took the course, and agree with the comments above. I followed the schedule, but did A LOT more problems than the course dictated. I passed, first time, so I guess it I can't dog it too much. The one thing those hour+ long problems did for me was scare the crap out of me so I studied very hard. They have a forum, but it was full of people asking for help with specific solutions when they should have been learning how to find the information on their own so I never used it. If you've taken the test, you know what on there and what the questions look like, so I wouldn't recommend the course. I will say this though, the CERM was the primary reference I used in preparation and during the exam, and if you do the Lindburg Practice Problems you will learn the CERM inside and out.
  10. tomp


    Official letter received today - card carrying member of the PE club, sweet.
  11. I passed Oregon - Civil PE/Structural - First time
  12. Also note - if you have student loans, those are going to come due. You get 6 months after graduation and then you gotta start paying that money back.
  13. 66 keeps me comfortable and alert, any warmer and it's nap time. My office is never below 68 so consequently and lot of napping takes place.
  14. I think the SE1 is gone - 16 hours exam is all NCEES is going to offer now right? I'm not sure how it works everywhere, but at least for California you have to pass the PE Civil and work for 3 more years to take the Structural Exam.
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