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  1. Envision Certification

    I killed it. I actually studied 2 weeks for it. Killed it in ~2 hours. You actually get 3 days to finish it. I didn't know how easy it really was until I immediate got my result via email in 30 seconds. If you took the LEED AP exam, than this would take 1/40 of the time you took to study for the pass LEED AP.
  2. CPESC anyone?

    I passed it, but it was only the cpesc-it. It took 4 hours. It's pretty straight forward. You get a gold pin for your shirt, a pencil, and an certification. It's actually useful when writing specs, and designing erosion control plans. I will never use unnecessary silt fences again. MS civil engineering BA environmental analysis BS mechanical engineer PE civil Leed ap bd+c Qsd/qsp Cpesc-it
  3. I took a TRC class in Irvine. It didn't matter where I took it, because it was all foreign to me during class. I just took some meaningful time to study and put significant effort in 2-3 weeks. You get 2 chances to pass. After that, you must repay the fee.
  4. LEED

    LEED is just a marketing tool for non-engineers to act as if they are relevant, period.
  5. I took a class in Orange County. Studied for 2 weeks. Stopped by a local starbucks to use their internet and finished in 3 hours with a 85% and 95%. It was pretty easy and straight forward.
  6. Project Management

    Would you guys ever hire your friends to work under you? I have a best friend who's been out of civil engineering for 3 years. I think we remained best friends because we never had to work together. There's a possibility I might expect too much out of him, and that in-turn makes it uncomfortable. Besides, we've always been equal, but unfortunate events due to the economy leaves him desperate for a job. Should I just hire the best applicant, and put him on a even-play level?
  7. California Dreamin

    I paid my $125 renewal fee, today.
  8. Project Management

    Interesting... In my team, there isn't a Senior Civil Engineer. Most of the time, I have to act like I know what I'm doing. I feel like I have to juggle so many roles. How do you continue your day without bring stress home. Do you guys just have stuff roll of your shoulder? Is it bad to feel like you are constantly under the gun?
  9. California Dreamin

    Me Neither.
  10. Project Management

    Very insightfull response. I value them heavily.
  11. Project Management

    Hey, I enjoy your input by both of you. Where do you guys stand as far as hours a week. If you're paid a salary, is it disturbing to find yourself working 50-60 hours without proper compensations. I make sure my staff gets the proper over-time pay. However, my well-being doesn't benefit. I'm straight salary.
  12. Project Management

    Yeah. I always thought that the biggest misconception about civil engineers was that they lack of an extroverted personality. This does put engineers at a disadvantage because, project managers without technical degrees start calling the shots. For example, most people on the board of metropolitian transportation authorities don't have engineer degrees. If you think about it, the most successful engineers are those who see company politics and business as an important aspect of engineering.
  13. Project Management

    I've been thrown into a new position as a Project Manager for utilities re-locations. I was previously a project engineering. I built a new team and I'm basically starting from scratch. Does anybody do project management. I kind want to keep close ties, because I have a feeling that a majority of my experience will become on the-job-training. I'm just trying to building a little confidence in myself. Throw me a message, may be we can learn from each other.