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  1. Anyone received the wall mounted certificate yet?
  2. Have anyone recieved the wall mounted certificate? I have received my license card but not the wall mounted one.
  3. Anyone received his PE certificate card yet?
  4. Anyone who passed and send the law exam recieved the PE certificate card yet. I need to know how long does it take to receive the PE card certificate after submitting the law exam.
  5. Thanks! Still waiting for the letter in the mail
  6. We figured that NJ is testing us on our engineering skills and on our patience skills, so I guess everybody is practicing extreme patience today!
  7. This way of telling one by one is not efficient,but still better than nothing.
  8. You have all the right to be. this is really torture! Don't worry hopefully will end soon.
  9. My last name start with H as well
  10. How did that law exam go. Mine says unchecked, but I remember taking the exam after the FE. I am really confused.
  11. Hey smh5179, can you please check what says Infront of pass NJ law exam. Mine says unchecked. Can you see if yours says complete?
  12. Don't worry, they probably didn't update all the records.
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