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  1. How is the angle of internal friction related to the water content of the soil? And when we perform triaxial tests, the UU, CD, CU type tests, they are normally for saturated samples correct? or any moisture content is possible?
  2. sorry i dont think i follow you.... is there a way you can check it online?
  3. I took the PE exam in Oct 2013 and passed. They had only told us pass or fail, but they did not tell us how many correct and incorrect answers.. But I know I did very good in the exam. Is it possible to learn this score? It would be good to know... If so from where? NCEES or the state board?
  4. Many states also accept NCEES reciprocity. My question is, as for the 5 references they (NCEES) require, do they need to be the ones from the experience period we will show to them? because mine has been many years in the past and i am unable to get references now from the ones long time ago. Can references be from recent periods? second question, how many years of experience they want as engineer? Because I think I saw something like all experience after graduation. But for me all of them is not 100% in engineering, although my total number of years was enough to apply in my state. Thanks!
  5. Can any FL candidates out there help me, how many years of experience must be shown to FL when transferring from other state? I checked and i think it is 4 years but please verify, and also for a candidate who takes exam for first time, in FL, it is 4 years too? That is what makes me confused. I hope this was the right forum section, if not sorry....
  6. lindenberg questinos are more in-depth than the actual exam in my opinion but it is helpful to understand the subject
  7. First of all which version of this book you have? I have the one I bought about a year ago when studying for my exam 16 – why are you saying ultimate? The load is divided by area and compared against allowable capacity. So what is wrong here? Unless I am missing something 17-i am assuming when you say “there is friction angle value” you refer to the one given at the bottom of the wall as the other one for lateral pressure is internal friction angle and would not cause to choose ranking or coulomb. Based on that assumption, I can tell you that using rankine is just for calculating the lateral component here. And since the calculation of lateral component is straightforward, and has nothing to do with the friction angle at the bottom (remember you are calculating only the lateral “push” force. ) as far as why we didn’t use c, the question states that it is a cohesionless soil and for those soils you do not use that component. Why? Because it does not crack like a clay soil which causes that component (the one you wrote by formula) to exist at the top portion (please also read about this from a textbook, to understand better about why this is so) 38-in my question 38 there is no Nq. So I think we have different book versions unless you wrote the question number incorrect. 42-what you say is only used for time of consolidation calculations, not for settlement, which is asked here, unless your question asked time of consolidation. And also, on the contrary of what you said, when there is impervious rock, you take the whole thickness anyway, because to whole layer must drain from one side only, so even for that calculation it should be H, not H/2 49-there are slight differences in some formulas on this because these were obtained with experimentation only. 62-i think they take all layers and calculate it one by one and not think about 15D etc… because there are different layers and the question wants you to calculate that capacity 68- I don’t know why they used 0.83 either, it should be 0.5-0.7 as far as I know but I am not able to check right now… but remember this is not precise as everything is based on experiments 70-didn’t understand your question, may be different question. My #70 is a pile group settling 71-again based on your previous comment and without even looking at the question, I think you need to study consolidation. If you have rock underneath, it means an impervious layer. So water can not escape from there. So you take full length. Only one drainage path, and the longest path water travgels is the full height 81- again N values can vary due to experimentation 83-did you convert the force per area or foot to force? If so, what I can tell without checking the solution in detail is that you solve these by allowing “only enough” passive force will be generated at the bottom, to withstand other forces. Does it check out that way? 100-volumetric strain is given so you must take the whole volume into consideration. The mid point you refer to is used when calculating the effective stress there already
  8. yes I agree, and after reading through the state engineering rules I came to that conclusion too. i will call my company "...... construction management" or just my last name etc... and no engineering word anywhere, and will not do engineering for now.... they dont even allow you to use the PE title. but at least on my business card, as long as i clearly indicate which state near it, i am wondering if I can write that? for that i couldnt see anything in the rules, and I will call and ask.
  9. ok i will check with state boards in both states and also state business offices.. dont wanna do anything wrong here... so overall, if i dont do any engineering work whatsoever for now, until i transfer my license, and only do construction scheduilng and management, then it looks like i should be ok... right? i mean just because i am a PE, it shouldnt prevent me from doing these i hope.,.. i will still check with the board... at this stage, the most important thing is to establish my client base anyway, even if with scheduling or CM, until i transfer my license...
  10. currently my stamp is not at the state I am currently living. And it looks like it will take a while to transfer here, but i want to go ahead with setting up my own business. i will mostly do construction management, scheduling and engineering. My question is, if i setup an LLC here in the state I live, is it still ok, as long as I will not stamp anything that requires this state's stamp? i mean first of all, i will also do construction management and construction scheduling work too. second, even if i do engineering work, it will be only for things that i can use my stamp for things that require an engineer from any state, or just reviewing things and consulting. so for the state i am living at, it is a business, and I can do whatever I want, or, because i am also doing engineering work, even if i will not (and can not anyway) stamp things for here specifically it is not allowed? i mean what if i didnt have PE at all... I would just do construction scheduling and management and still setup my LLC here and it would be ok. now that I have PE license from another state, does it make a difference? or, i can set it up, but may not do any engineering work, even if I dont have to use this state's stamp... and can only do construction management and scheduling in that case?
  11. get your PE asap, working with a GC may delay this
  12. i work somewhere full time (not as an employee but as a contractor) in construction planning. now that i passed my pe recently i decided to do construction consulting on the side from home which will involve scheduling and engineering and construction management topics, to the extent and on the subjects that i can do from home for the time being at nights and weekends can anyone tell me roughly how much it costs for engineering insurance for someone just starting out by himself or may be give me a percentage? (if it is allowed to tell here) do i need to establish a company like an LLC? i will stlil be working full time somewhere else in the mean time, until i feel i make enough money with my own consulting operation... would working somewhere affect me in any way? what are your other suggestions?
  13. no need to panic. whether you are well preapared or not. think of panicking as a temporary illness clouding your mind. all it does is harm you. no benefits. if you feel a question will take you long time, skip it in your first round. finish the ones that wouldnt take much time.
  14. Das Boot ))) i would definitely study NCEES and 6 minute solutions and study from books like CERM, All in One, and DAS, while trying to solve these. the rest is up to you NAVFAC and Handbook for Geotech engineers are also good as a reference.
  15. ketanco

    Exam result

    nevermind. i checked the NCEES site and verified.
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