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  1. If you google the headline and click the wsj link it gets you past the pay-wall. No subscription required!
  2. MadDawg

    GA Results

    Glad y'all passed, but I want to know why we had to wait an extra ~ 3 weeks last fall
  3. Completely depends on what type of civil engineering job you take. Some will involve absolutely no travel and some will involve almost 100% travel. If you're a consultant or a contractor, you'll probably travel a lot, but some engineers never leave their cubicles. Make sure to ask about travel requirements when you apply for jobs, and don't forget to ask about travel requirements as you progress in the company. Some companies don't make engineers travel but make the senior engineers travel...
  4. I think what it's saying is if you went to college, start with either your co-op work experience (if you co-oped) or with your first "real" job once you graduated. If you didn't go to college then you're supposed to start with your first job after you graduated from high school.
  5. When I took the test (in Georgia last year) they confiscated my neighbor's binder because she had a paper in the slide-in clear pocket on the front. I guess it just depends on the proctor...
  6. Getting kind of late to order and have time to still have a useful preparation with the book. At this point I'd say you're better off trying to relax and review what you already have--no need to get yourself panicked and worried at the last minute
  7. Still black magic EE mumbo jumbo to me
  8. More at: East Lake is definitely a lot better than it used to be, but it still has a ways to go to be somewhere I'd be willing to live. The golf club there is great, though--it was Bobby Jones' home club.
  9. But you forgot to post the units. Its a complex conversion utilizing kPa, board-feet, and a dimensionless conversion factor of 3.54i. I think you forgot a square root of 3.
  10. If you do buy a new type of calculator before the exam, just make sure to take some time getting used to it. You don't want to waste precious time trying to figure out where the square root button is located...
  11. MadDawg

    External flow

    That's a lot better than I did on my sample run-through about 1 month before the test (but I hadn't looked at the problems previously) and I passed. You seem to be in a good spot so I wouldn't worry. Just keep being deliberate in your preparation and you'll do fine.
  12. I have Johnson as well. Looks like it will be a gameday decision unfortunately. Watch those reports. Edwards is a suitable substitute but he burned me last year so I would keep Johnson in until the last possible minute if it were me. That's what I'm doing--thanks for helping me not think I'm crazy! Hope you kept Johnson in there like I did. Great week! My defense scored 0 points this week but even with that, I still put up 167 points. Record week! Kept him in and am glad I did! Thanks for the vote of confidence
  13. That's the same problem UGA has had for a few years...
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