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  1. What do you guys think? Pepsi soft drink included in the advertised price?
  2. GTA V is getting damn good. I was just introduced to the playable character Trevor. He's a bad A! I think I am at ~19%.
  3. 22.96 AC? I wouldn't know what to do with anything over 1 AC, 2 AC max.
  4. I've heard some states are a P in the B to reinstate your license if you let it lapse. If there is an easy way to place your license on hold and reactivate it easily if/when the time comes, go for it. If it is one of those P in the B states and you think you may need a license in that state in the future, you may consider keeping it active.
  5. EET's popularity grew basically out of nothing but word of mouth. Particularly their CA-Seismic class but their 8-hr and SE offerings as well. I have no doubt the same will happen with their new(ish) CA-Survey class.
  6. Yes you can discuss specifics about certain NCEES questions with NCEES.
  7. So, cal, did you test using this book? How'd you do?
  8. There are plenty of horizontal control surveys that don't require vertical control.
  9. Not that we should have to but what if we made the actual Disclosure Agreement a sticky? NCEES NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT This exam is confidential and secure, owned and copyrighted by NCEES and protected by the laws of the United States and elsewhere. It is made available to you, the examinee, solely for valid assessment and licensing purposes. In order to take this exam, you must agree not to disclose, publish, reproduce, or transmit this exam, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, oral or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the prior express written permission of NCEES. This includes agreeing not to post or disclose any test questions or answers from this exam, in whole or in part, on any websites, online forums, or chat rooms, or in any other electronic transmissions, at any time.
  10. I see the ben's both ways. Simplification would be nice (you basically only need to study/know well the one reference manual allowed during the exam) but I'd also feel "naked" without my own personal books and extensive notes.
  11. Yup, typical tract housing in So Cal is 70' wide by 100' deep, with some variation. Yup, I use either a manual push mower if I feel like getting a little exercise or a gas push mower.
  12. It's so frickin green. Each house has more than 7000 SF property. The driveways are so long. Not everyone has a fence. There are so few pools. Where is the curb, gutter, and sidewalk?? This looks like a completely different world to me!
  13. Just curious, when the NCEES PE exams go CBT, does that mean closed book (reference manual provided but the examinee can not bring in any of his/her own references) or will they still be open book (as are the CBT Civil state exams)? Thanks.
  14. Shall we start making guesses for the April 2018 pencil color? I'm gonna go with Black NCEES logo/date and Green grip/clip/eraser holder.
  15. Ok Mr. Maji. I never forgot about this thread and this problem you posted. It's always been in the back of my mind to come back to it and solve it "from scratch". I can't believe it has been over a year! I spent probably 4 - 6 hours on this thing over 2-3 nights! (What you don't see here are the countless wadded up scrap paper balls in the trash can, before I finally got on to something that would work!). I can only get the answer by using my TI-89's solver......... but........... I FINALLY GOT IT! Tough one, for sure! Please see my solution and answers attached. I have not looked at your partial solution since last year but I think we each had a different approach. Do you have the book answers for this one? R B Horner Q6.pdf
  16. Ok, I paid up. It went from $325 to $335. Ouch, that stung.
  17. It has the body of the conventional Red NCEES pencil (white plastic cylinder, Red logo) with the grip/clip/eraser holder of the typical Black NCEES pencil. So this isn't the conventional/typical Black pencil. Ok, I will make the donation and let you know when it is done. Congrats. How'd you do on the exam?
  18. I see what you are saying. I guess it depends how much in advance of the release date they list the upcoming release date as to how useful it is. You'd know better than me but I thought what I read from others on here is that the Board stopped waiting for the National results to be distributed before distributing the state results (something they used to always do).
  19. I'm not following you. How is "The board will post the release date of the examination results online at:" providing you with a known release date? But, yes, you should be getting your state exam results before NCEES releases the national results. It's been that way for a year or so as far as I know.
  20. Confirmation that CA had the Black/Red concoction as well. The pencil in the picture is "my" pencil. I haven't received it yet but this is the pencil one of my friends is going to give me! That's worth $10!
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