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  1. I would expect or at least hope that there would be a small message stating that the drink they show a photo of is not included in the lunch special price they list. Just as a cereal box that shows fruit in the cereal will state the fruit is a suggestion, a cell phone case ad that states the phone is sold separately, a commercial for a kids playset stating some of the toys are sold separately, etc. Yes this is the Temecula CA location. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
  2. Yeah, I think of those light bulb speakers more for whole-house music, not so much for dedicated home theater use. Cool idea though. Basement? :jealous: My HT is in a 10'x12' bedroom. :/ But I make it work the best I can. I just finished getting my 4 Dolby Atmos add-on modules installed for full 7.2.4. I also sold my 10 year old motorized wavy 92" screen and got a fixed frame 100" screen. I'll check out the thread you linked me to when I get the chance, thanks.
  3. There is no magic pill. The advice is the advice I am sure you have already heard and already know. Keep working problems. Time yourself at home. Start by picking 5 random problems and see if you can do them in 13 minutes. Then pick 10 and see if you can complete them in 27 minutes. Work your way up to 55 question practice exams in 2.5 hours. You can do it. Good luck.
  4. fox, what do you think of those recessed lighting wireless speakers? The concept seems pretty slick. light speaker
  5. This is just the weekly lunch special. Go in the evening or weekends and the same selection buffet is over $10. It's pretty good actually.
  6. If we use the numbers you provided, then (24 + .25 * 31) / 55 = 57% = you possibly may pass but be prepared to not pass. What was your timing strategy? One problem at a time in order or did you scan for the easy/iest questions first?
  7. Oh, oops. Again, I read about HEOS in my Sound and Vision mags and I know my Denon AVR-X6300H has HEOS built in and I was reading about its capabilities in the owner's manual (though haven't used the HEOS option yet) but I didn't know about the pricing. I am the bug killer in my family, right? And, while I get a little squeamish sometimes, I'm usually pretty good with it, depending on the bug. But - spiders? - I have to admit, I kinda turn into a scared little school girl. So, my wife bought me one of these bug vacuum things.
  8. You very well might be right, I have read good things and know about Sonos and what it can do but, honestly, I was not familiar with their prices. You're right, they are steep. Ok, how about HEOS then?
  9. Check out Sonos. Very impressive technology. I think it will do everything you want from giving you wireless/portable speakers to home theater 5.1 to playing your older analogue equipment.
  10. tj_PE, What is your whole objective? Audio for music only? Audio for movies/surround sound too? What are your source components? Tape player, record player, what else? What is your budget?
  11. Agreed but I don't see how this is an excuse for confusing at best / false at worse advertising. I think at a minimum, there should be a message that a drink is not included. Maybe I can send this in to Consumer Reports for their Selling It page.
  12. Let's say we give you full credit for 30 and 1 out of 4 of the remaining 25. That would be: (30 + .25*25) / 55 = 66% which I think is on the passing side. Keep your hopes up!
  13. I know you are not asking me but "back in my day" (when it was scantron with only 50 questions), I felt rock solid on 32, so-so on another ~10, and ran out of time and guessed on the last ~8.
  14. I remember when I took a Surveying class in college, my sister thought I was taking a class where I go around and ask people a bunch of questions.
  15. Okay, so you guys guessed it - no drink included in the advertised price. And I figured as such going in that a drink would very likely not be included. But, how misleading is that? What the F is the point of showing the Pepsi logo, stating that they proudly pour Pepsi, and showing an ice-cold sweating fizzing Pepsi in the same banner that states the Lunch Special is $5.99???? Nowhere in any of the fine print does it state a drink is not included or that a drink is an extra cost. So, the Lunch Special Banner doesn't show a picture of what is included, but it shows a picture of what is not included. Makes perfect sense!
  16. On a (barely) related note, did I tell you guys I finally beat Call of Duty - Finest Hour on PS2? I had been playing that game for literally 8+ years. It was the case where I'd be all in to it, beat several levels...... but then get stuck on a ball-breaker level and put the game down for a year or more. Then decide to bust it out again, maybe beat a few more levels, get stuck on a ball-breaker, shelve the game. Repeat. Well, anyway, I finally made myself pick it back up and stick with it. Finished 'er off about 3-4 months ago. Pretty good game.
  17. Not until it becomes $20. :run:
  18. I think this is true. As long as the work is done under the supervision of a PS and the PS takes responsible charge of the work, then anyone capable can perform the work. Similarly, a non-engineer can prepare/draft a set of design plans as long as it is done under the supervision of a PE and the PE takes responsible charge of the plans.
  19. Yes, all three of these do. An example of a horizontal control survey would be a traverse.
  20. Control Survey: A survey which establishes points on a horizontal coordinate system, and vertical elevations (bench marks) in relation to a specified datum. Topographic Survey: A survey which depicts the configuration of the ground and the location of natural and man-made objects thereon. Construction Survey: A survey that stakes out the horizontal and vertical positions of proposed improvements. Route Survey: A survey that stakes out the alignment (horizontal and vertical) of a proposed improvement such as a roadway, railroad, storm drain, utility, etc.
  21. What do you guys think? Pepsi soft drink included in the advertised price?
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