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  1. Just guessing.... but, I thought maybe they take the examinees that passed and then issue the next available license numbers in order of the examinees CA ID number (if they even have those any more?) or the NCEES ID number.
  2. April results December 8th?
  3. Not really applicable to Civil Engineering. Maybe Mechanical?
  4. I already linked her to this one, one page ago.... for $20 less.
  5. Because I don't think it can be accurate. I think one's memory would be most accurate and most correctly able to gauge the # of "feel-good" problems during the exam (and even that is subject to human error). But trying to remember the number of "feel-good" problems after you leave the exam room? Mmmmmm..... I don't think so.
  6. You "found out" that you nailed at least 35 after the exam?
  7. Oh, yes, I do listen to the radio all the time - AM/FM - just nothing that has a subscription fee. Tiny cassettes as in the kind that went in answering machines? I never saw any music versions of those. Anyone remember the little Transformer cassette(s) that fit inside SoundWave's chest? Oh boy was that rad. And I do remember the little CDs. I think the NIN Downward Spiral album came with a full size CD and a bonus mini CD.
  8. Am I the only one here that still plays CDs? I play them, I buy them, I even still burn my own CDR compilations. Is that weird? As for records, I don't have any anymore. I think Quiet Riot's Mental Health and Twisted Sister's Stay Hungry, received as gifts at my 3rd grade birthday party, were my last two acquired records. Not sure what happened to those beauties. As for tapes, I have kept about a drawer's worth. They reside in the garage where my only tape player is (my 25 year old Technics rack system). As for MP3's, still haven't totally embraced it yet. I have a few dozen albums created from CD on my PC and a half dozen albums on my phone's SD card but I rarely play them. I haven't purchased a single digital audio file yet - only made them from my own CDs. Is that weird? Mini-Disc anyone?
  9. If your record player is old, you might consider a new one. There seem to be some decently rated players with modern features (convert your vinyl to MP3, built-in speakers, etc.). The three rated here range from $36 to $79. There are higher rated players but watch the price climb quickly.
  10. If you did a co-op with them and they are offering you a job (though outside your Mech Eng field), they must really like you. If this company did not have Mech Eng positions, I'd be more inclined to not accept it. But since they do offer ME positions, I don't think it would be a bad move to accept the Cyber Security position and get your foot in the door and keep an eye out for future ME positions. Assuming you like Cyber Security? And, if the pay is good, all the more reason. Good luck.
  11. If you are looking for speakers for movies and games, you need (at least) two main speakers symmetrically placed to the left and right of the TV. Then, for true 5.1 surround sound, you'd have a center channel under (or over) the TV, centered; two surround sound speakers symmetrically placed to the left and right sides (or slightly behind) the main listening position; and a subwoofer (can go anyway - a corner is often good). A single speaker in any of the spots you have selected won't cut it for home theater audio. If you just want a speaker(s) for listing to music, you could place speakers where you indicated. You'll still want two speakers (L and R) for stereo, though you may find two speakers in one stereo unit. Something like this. Something like this seems pretty versatile. The two wireless portable speakers can work together in stereo mode or each can play its own (mono) source.
  12. Excellent excellent stuff. I love the Andy/Buddy/Howie part starting at around 1:50.
  13. tj, I am still confused as to what your ultimate goal is. Is it a 5.1/7.1 surround sound system in one room, whole-house audio, a wireless music speaker(s) movable from room to room, or?
  14. My trick is to be at CiCi's at closing. We did this last night in fact - took the family there after Small Fry's Karate class. I am two for two now..... If you are there near closing (both times we have been the only customers there), then an employee will approach you with a large pizza box or two and offer for you to take as much as you want from the buffet. I triple stacked the pizzas in the boxes. Now I will be eating CiCi's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next several days.
  15. Kelles, Check out some of the options from Simpson Strong Tie and U.S. Products.
  16. There are plenty of 'lunch specials' that include a drink. CiCi's is $5.49 lunch pizza buffet, includes drink.
  17. Believe it or not, I did go to preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade there!
  18. Sit tight and relax. You'll know soon enough. There are only two possibilities... you'll either be celebrating or you'll be planning your strategy for passing next time. Others' experience won't tell you whether you passed or not.
  19. I don't understand the question. What is it that you want to know?
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