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  1. Dang, 8 months, that's pretty bad A. I think I started filling out my reference forms and application late 2009/ early 2010, applied, studied for a while, took one exam at a time every 6 months, got my license late 2011/early 2012. 24 months for me.
  2. I could be totally remembering this incorrectly but, from what I recall, the law is different when it is the main monthly HOA dues that you are not paying vs. the late fees/fines that you are not paying. I thought my research (at the time) indicated an HOA can not evict/foreclose you if it is only fines that are not being paid. In my case, I have always been current on my main monthly dues - it was the fines that I refused to pay. I guess they could have placed a lien on my house with the judgement they were awarded in court. Luckily they did not.
  3. When I bought my current house (gated community) in late 2008, it was a foreclosure (great recession) (.....the only reason I was able to buy in this neighborhood - I got a "$550k" house for $340k). Well, the front yard grass was dead, right? It took all my resources at the time to get into this house so I was nearly broke. I couldn't afford sod. So I went with grass seed. It was coming in but apparently not fast enough for the HOA. Warnings turned to fines, fines turned to fines with late fees, etc. I refused to pay. They took me to small claims court. They won. I still refused to pay. I let my credit take the hit because I was so stubborn to pay. To this day, I can't explain it but eventually it was marked as a 'paid' judgment on my credit report. :confused: I then disputed it with the 3 credit bureaus and even the 'paid judgment' was removed from my reports. I had built an 8'x8' Tough Shed on my side yard around 2010. It sticks over the 6' fence maybe 1'. In 2016, I got a violation for it stating it is visible from the street and was not approved. Really?, 6 years later you notice? lol I had to retroactively submit an ($100!!!!) architectural review for it as well as obtain adjacent neighbors' signatures for their ok. I paid the $100 (that hurt) and got the signatures. The HOA approved it with the requirement to screen it from view from the front. I added some vine type plants to screen it. All is good. There are pros and cons to an HOA. I do like that they keep the neighborhood looking good but it is annoying when they bust your b@lls over little things. My friend has no HOA and when I visit him, it drives me nuts to see trash cans left out days after trash pickup, cars with car covers, cars on jacks, boats on driveways, trailers on the driveways, RVs, etc. but I also don't care for Nazi HOAs. So, a moderate HOA is ideal for me.
  4. Lol, yup. It drives me nuts. I just Xerox it at 95% (or whatever the number is) and carry the copy.
  7. You can test at any authorized testing center, even outside of CA. Good luck.
  8. George, I asked how much engineering experience you have because (not knowing which state you are in but providing you an example) in CA, you can apply for a waiver of the FE Exam and go straight to the PE Exam (if approved) with 17 years of experience.
  9. George, I made the spelling corrections you asked for. I am also moving this thread to General Engineering as it doesn't seem to specifically relate to the PE Exam. A few questions.... What is it exactly that you are trying to accomplish that not having an ABET accredited degree prevents you from doing? I ask because I know a few engineers who are (great) PEs and have no college degree. Also, what would it take to turn your non-accredited degree into an accredited one? Retaking a few classes? Retaking 20 classes? Have you been working in engineering since graduation?
  10. Hmmmm.... interesting. Found this in MDOT's Sight Distance Guidelines. They say they don't generally adjust SSD due to grade, G. I've never seen that before but their justification seems to have merit.
  11. ulua, you are welcome. I see what you are saying. But, really, these SSD formulas (and variable 'G') ultimately come from AASTO's GDHS, right? AASHTO uses G. But, regardless, you are right. The use of +/- G is not explained very clearly. Either in the GDHS or, as you mentioned, in Dr. Goswami's book. But, now you know. Best of luck on the exam!
  12. Merry Christmas ulua. First, you should use G, not g. g equals gravity as in 'a' as in deceleration (f x g) (friction x gravity) (typically 0.35 x 32.2 = 11.2 ft/s). [See GDHS eqns 3-2 and 3-3] G equals longitudinal street grade. G, in the formula you provided, is positive on an upslope/upgrade and negative on a downslope/downgrade. This is because SSD (stopping sight distance) is increased on a downslope and decreased on an upslope. [See GDHS table 3-2] Does that make sense?
  13. Hmmm... Sincere review or advertisement? I get told my recommended 300 hours is too high. I have never seen a recommendation for 500! But, hey, if it works, that's all that matters. Congrats on passing.
  14. jiji, I have the past 5 edition. tes, no need to double post. And no need to publicly post your e-mail address when the direction was to PM. Sent. Good luck.
  15. Yup, feel free to PM me your e-mail. Hey, tj, when did you become tj?
  16. Not sure if you guys have passed all three exams but the way I found out I passed that final Seismic hurdle is I found my name in the state License database (before I received my passing results). I want to say this was mid-late December (2012).
  17. Moving because I think of the 'After You Pass' forum more as an 'After you are licensed' forum and the 'Anything about the PE Exam' forum more suitable for application discussion.
  18. As alluded to above, I do think the Construction module, for whatever reason, has the reputation for being the easiest of the five modules. So I think you get a lot of the "non-studiers" taking a chance with Construction only to fail.
  19. I respectfully disagree. Until NYC starts issuing PE licenses, I think we can safely use NY and not NYS in the context of this forum's discussions.
  20. So no one is going to declare which exam they are studying for to see if this study group would even make sense?
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