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  1. On ‎1‎/‎16‎/‎2019 at 9:20 AM, Sebastian said:

    Happy 2019 all and best of luck for those of you studying for the April PE exam! I recently passed the Civil/WRE exam and utilized EET's webinar course to prepare me for the exam. I'm 20 years removed from when I received my B.S. in civil engineering and took the EIT (FE) exam 10 years ago so I was hesitant on how to structure my study plan. Luckily, I found this forum and read through multiple positive reviews citing EET and specifically mentioning Dr. Islam. I decided to go with EET and it was the best investment I made toward passing the PE exam. Their webinar series and organized notes folders are second to none in my opinion. I took a milk crate of books to the exam, but primarily used EET's folders as reference material for o/a 80% of the material found on the exam.

    I was also pleased by the amount of homework, practice exams and simulated exams EET offers as part of their package that were instrumental for the afternoon (WRE) focused section. Lastly and what impressed me the most was Dr. Islam's dedication at teaching and coaching you through your studies - he goes above and beyond - through email/phone/adding extra webinar sessions/simplifying complex topics/demonstrating a positive attitude to ensure you truly understand the concept being presented and the variations of these that you might experience during the exam.

    Anyway, I am not a paid sponsor but wanted to share my positive experience with EET that resulted in a pass after my first attempt with the Civil/WRE exam last October as there might be someone like myself last year looking for a recommended study course. Historically, last October's WRE pass rate was the lowest in recent years....for me, Dr. Islam's in-depth course was the difference. Best of luck to all!

    EET is awesome, for sure!  Thanks for the feedback Sebastian.  👍


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  2. On ‎12‎/‎17‎/‎2018 at 11:16 PM, Navid said:

    I took Transportation Depth exam on October 26 and I passed the first time. For people who go through this exam, it is cleared that how challenging  the PE exam can be. I signed up with EET and the class was taught by Mr. Samir Ead. He made it a breeze to pass. He is very knowledgeable and easy to access via email and in person. I am 100% confident to say that there is no way to take his class, do his homework problems and not passing the exam. Signing up at EET was my best decision ever and this course worths every penny you spend. Thanks again Samir. 

    The guys at EET really care and are awesome!  Thanks for the feedback Navid.  :)  

  3. On ‎1‎/‎18‎/‎2019 at 10:28 AM, Prad said:


    I took both School of PE as well as EET. I started with school of PE. Went ok till breath portion. Depth portion literally was all over the place. I took my first sample test and scored around 60/80 on that. Three weeks before the exam, I found out regarding EET through this forum. Initially, I only joined for depth. It was a master class.

    Nazrul (instructor) made depth seem simple. He spent more time in explaining the concepts, followed by examples. I took the ondemand version and  felt I missed the classroom approach. After my depth, just before a week, I also enrolled in breath. I felt, at ease with EET. I was averaging 72-75/80 in the two tests EET administered.

    I would unqualifiedly recommend EET. This was my first time PE attempt and I passed it. Much of the credit goes to them. EET supplies their own binders and they follow the syllabus listed in NCEES. So, in the real exam you are not flipping back and forth pages. For the most part I used their binders. I wish you all the best and success with your PE. You will do it! Thanks.

    Yup, the guys at EET really care and are awesome.  Thanks for the feedback Pred!  :)  


  4. On ‎1‎/‎17‎/‎2019 at 6:35 PM, Schoolofmines said:


    I'll start off with what everyone wants to know. The prep course I took prepared me so well for the  PE exam that I passed first time.
    Here is the longer story. I signed up for the EET depth course for water recourses and environmental and the EET breadth course for civil to help prepare me for the civil pe exam. My undergrad and masters degree were both in environmental engineering so I needed some additional help on some other civil courses I never took. In addition, I was worried about the exam because I have three boys under the age of 3 (the oldest just turned 3) and I didn’t know how I would have time to study. 
    What I can say is this course was better than anything I could have asked for. Nazrul is an exceptional teacher and truly cares about his students. If you commit to the course and follow its schedule and do all the problems, you will be successful on the exam. I went with the on demand course as it worked better with my young family (early mornings and late nights to not interrupt family time). It was great. 
    I am so thankful for the course and the time i spent with EET preparing for my professional licensure. 
    If you are on the fence, sign up. You will not regret it. It was the single best decision I made in get my PE.  Also, last fact. The Oct 2018 exam had a really low pass rate in comparison to other exams.  The EET depth course had almost a 20% higher pass rate than the NCEES average.  That alone should convince you!

    Thanks for the info S-o-m!  Good info!  Yup, EET is awesome!  :)  


  5. When comparing the two classes, my friend put together the following comparison table.  I thought it might be helpful to share here.  

    (For what it is worth, my personal recommendation is EET) 

    Best of luck everyone!  



    EET  - Seismic

    40 hrs

    56 hrs

    Limited to 40 hours of watching

    Unlimited watching

    Not Applicable

    Free repeat

    Not Applicable

    Live webinar or seminar has access to all recordings

    1 CBT – repeat once

    3 CBT - Unlimited

    On-Demand class Fees does not include book

    On-Demand class Fees includes books

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  6. On 10/4/2018 at 2:29 PM, tj_PE said:

    I had leftover pad thai, actually the first pad thai i've liked since thailand! 

    not lunch, but food related - where's @ptatohed


    On 10/4/2018 at 3:17 PM, leggo PE said:

    Been wondering that myself. I lured him back a few months ago with talk about the NCEES pencils... But otherwise, he's been a ghost.


    Agree.  I have been a ghost.  :o7

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  7. On ‎6‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 12:55 PM, NY-Computer-Engineer said:

    I mentioned in the previous April 2018 pencil thread that my test pencil was 'collected' by the proctor at the conclusion of my April test.  However, I was able to get 'Castle Worldwide' to send me a replacement - they actually sent me three of them.

    Now I am not sure which of the three I should have framed with my NYS wall certificate (whenever they send it to me).

    One looks like the eraser was heavily used, a second seemed to have an eraser mildly used, and the third does not appear to have been used at all (see picture - pencils top to bottom as described).

    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?



    What/who is 'Castle Worldwide'???  :confused:  

  8. 19 hours ago, knight1fox3 said:

    This. Basically just visit something local and provide your requirements/specifications.

    Ugh....another that fell pray to an over-powered proctor. I was told the same thing on exam day (a few years ago) after completing it. But it was going to be a cold day in hell if they got my pencil. There was no way they even knew who I was at that point anymore since all the booklets had been collected. I just shrugged and walked out with my pencil.

    As far as I know, NCEES doesn't offer them for sale. You might find them on eBay, however, your best bet might be trying to find someone on this board who is willing to part with there's. :thumbs:

    @ptatohed, any spares? ;)

    I'll spare one if I have a duplicate.  Which administration are we talking about?  For the last several years, I am lucky to only have one.  


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  9. 9 hours ago, Audi driver, P.E. said:

    Yeah, but have you ever been threatened with a ban for correcting RG's word usage?

    I've tried several times to point out areas of recommended improvement such as consistent formatting and naming of the forums.  He either ignores me or goes out of his way to make it more inconsistent.  Arrggghhh.  :S  No ban threat yet though.  

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  10. 6 hours ago, squaretaper said:

    Until proven otherwise, *I* am the resident *actual* English major on EB. All hail my grammarian hammer. Gramhammer?


    5 hours ago, knight1fox3 said:

    I beg to differ good sir. We already have a resident grammar specialist. And he goes by the name of @ptatohed. You might want to confer with him first as he may have some available positions that need to be filled. :thumbs:

    This is absolutely correct.  The rules are simple actually.  Your spelling, grammar, diction, punctuation, and use of verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, proper nouns, adjectives, and past-participles should be 100% correct 100% of the time in thread titles and at least 95% correct 90% of the time in the body of a post.  Some additional forgiveness is allotted for those with English as a second language (but not much).  Punishment for breaking these rules can range anywhere from light razzing to full blown tormenting.    

    I could go on 'alot' more but that is a whole 'nother' story which 'supposebly' should be saved for another time.    ;)  

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  11. 18 hours ago, Vel2018 said:

    Lol why? In NYC, after I finished the exam, I called the proctors attention and he collected my test booklet and answer sheet, I then also hand over the pencil, but he did not take it and he just looked at me so ok, I knew its a sign I take it home! Jajaja

    What would they do with a used $1 pencil anyway? It would cost them more to recycle those. 

    Personally, I think this is justification for a permaban.  Sorry Vel, I'm sure you are a great guy and everything but this poor judgement is just plain inexcusable behavior.    

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  12. On ‎4‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 8:01 PM, Jimbo Three said:

    A proctor took my official NCEES pencil in Maryland. I know it's a little thing, but dammit I'm still pissed. After turning in my exam after  the PM, I began packing up my things. Tossed the pencil in my plastic bin and started to walk away from my table. Proctor screeched in like a night hawk pouncing on a squirrel and told me I had to leave the pencil on the table. I was incredulous. And more than a little bit indignant. "This pencil cost me $350". She said, "That's why they want it back". I was too fatigued from having run that marathon to put up more of a fight and just walked away. Walking through the parking lot and what do I see? Yep, other test takers walking out with their official pencils.. WTF??

    'Gasp'.  The horror!  This is why I recommend every examinee memorize my signature line!  ;)  Seriously, I really did print out and bring with me the NCEES exam-day rules (including the 'keep the pencil policy' in my signature) just in case any issues arose, I could point to the official rules.  


    5 hours ago, knight1fox3 said:

    Does the resident authority on NCEES pencils @ptatohed know of this treachery? <smh>

    Thanks a  lot for pointing this out knight..... and depressing the heck out of me.  :-[::::::::  

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  13. 1 hour ago, EhmayWuntee, P.E. said:

    Just to toss this in there, this was a good example that we found of what we may consider trying to include. The fact that it is a wooden structure meant we had a good chance of getting materials donated or at cost and then we could do the labor ourselves with ease.


    I like it but I don't see that holding up to the elements.  I think it will look pretty worn pretty quickly. 



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