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  1. EET is awesome, for sure! Thanks for the feedback Sebastian. 👍
  2. When comparing the two classes, my friend put together the following comparison table. I thought it might be helpful to share here. (For what it is worth, my personal recommendation is EET) Best of luck everyone! Hiner EET - Seismic 40 hrs 56 hrs Limited to 40 hours of watching Unlimited watching Not Applicable Free repeat Not Applicable Live webinar or seminar has access to all recordings 1 CBT – repeat once 3 CBT - Unlimited On-Demand class Fees does not include book On-Demand class Fees includes books
  3. Sorry, I have not been able to acquire a pencil for the last 4 or so exam cycles. Congrats jrod.
  4. Hey leggo! 👋 Happy Holidays! 🦃 🎅
  5. What/who is 'Castle Worldwide'??? :confused:
  6. Sorry, only have one of those. Maybe someone who did not pass April '18 would be willing to sell? Good luck.
  7. I'll spare one if I have a duplicate. Which administration are we talking about? For the last several years, I am lucky to only have one.
  8. Hey, who are we to judge? But do remind me to bring some KY if I ever visit KC!
  9. I've tried several times to point out areas of recommended improvement such as consistent formatting and naming of the forums. He either ignores me or goes out of his way to make it more inconsistent. Arrggghhh. :S No ban threat yet though.
  10. This is absolutely correct. The rules are simple actually. Your spelling, grammar, diction, punctuation, and use of verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, proper nouns, adjectives, and past-participles should be 100% correct 100% of the time in thread titles and at least 95% correct 90% of the time in the body of a post. Some additional forgiveness is allotted for those with English as a second language (but not much). Punishment for breaking these rules can range anywhere from light razzing to full blown tormenting. I could go on 'alot' more but that is a whole 'nother' story which 'supposebly' should be saved for another time.
  11. Dude, I apologize, I never did start it. But I do think about it. I promise I will one of these days!
  12. I am meeting some friends for lunch so, in fact, I'll be receiving my new-design pencil today!
  13. Personally, I think this is justification for a permaban. Sorry Vel, I'm sure you are a great guy and everything but this poor judgement is just plain inexcusable behavior.
  14. 'Gasp'. The horror! This is why I recommend every examinee memorize my signature line! Seriously, I really did print out and bring with me the NCEES exam-day rules (including the 'keep the pencil policy' in my signature) just in case any issues arose, I could point to the official rules. Thanks a lot for pointing this out knight..... and depressing the heck out of me. :-[::::::::
  15. I like it but I don't see that holding up to the elements. I think it will look pretty worn pretty quickly.
  16. In our City we do what RG said. We procure a vender that offers pre-designed modular playground equipment. But be prepared to spend $40,000 for something basic up to over $300,000 for something extravagant.
  17. May I humbly point out that this new pencil does fit my color prediction formula? April of an Odd Year = BlueOctober of an Odd Year = RedApril of an Even Year = BlackOctober of an Even Year = Green
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