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  1. I wanted to know if slope of a pipe is given with direction, does that mean the pipe slopes down in that direction? Even if the slope is not shown as negative, do we still assume its negative? :construction:

    If I understand your question correctly (I wasn't sure what you meant by "given with direction"), then yes, a given slope will always be down. Especially for gravity systems (like sewer or storm drain which is what you're likely to find on the survey exam). So, if the statement said something like: the drainage pipe sloped from station 0+00 to 1+00 at 2%, then that would mean 2% down (the IE at Sta 1+00 is lower than at 0+00).

  2. So now, here I am going into the 8-hour in Apr 2011 very prepared. I studied for 4 months and probably 150-200 hours +/- this time. It should be a slam dunk, right? Well, I actually thought the exam was pretty difficult/challenging. I think I was 50% more prepared this time but I felt the test was 40% harder than Oct '10. I do think (hope) I passed but, probably not by much.

    Well, that's why a person studies for the exam, isn't it? Because you never know whether you are going to get a tough exam or an easy exam - the basic difference being whether you get questions you know or not.

    You still don't know whether you passed or not. It may just seem like the former exam was easier becuase you had so little invested in it. When you work on something and put yourself out there you have more invested and therefore may be more worried and concerned than necessary. The only way you'll really know is when you get your results. If you pass, that means the latest exam was actually "easier" for you. Since the goal is to pass.

    Now, if you can decipher what I just wrote then you truly are a genius. :D

    I think I get what you are saying benbo. I thought about that too - that I found the Apr '11 exam to be harder than the Oct '10 because I actually studied for and intended to pass it this time. But I still was shocked that I got a 51/80 in Oct without studying. Either way, if I do, in fact, find out I passed Apr '11, words can't describe how stoked I'll be. And then hopefully I'll beat the CA Seismic in Oct '11 and then it is really time to celebrate! I'm studying for the Seismic now and boy is it kicking my b.

  3. I could be totally washed up on this but did you guys see the question asking why you took the PE? Did you see the answer "Personal Goal"? Well, I could have sworn that option was not there last October/November and I believe I wrote that in under 'Other'. Now it is one of the main choices. Am I crazy in thinking they added that choice because of me (and maybe others)?

  4. Yer results won't be coming from NCEES! They'll show up from your state board.

    I've seen that email twice and I still get spam in the mail for review courses, etc... I passed Oct. '10 session.

    Good luck.

    The results should come from NCEES. You'll find them in your 'My NCEES'. You should receive an e-mail from NCEES when your results are ready.

  5. I believe I calculated my score based on my diagnostics for April 2010 and got a score of 52/80 and still did not pass. It probably varies every exam however.

    I wonder if the diagnostic reports used to be different. With my Oct. '10 report, there is nothing to calculate. One column is "Number of items" and the next is 'Number correct". So, all I did was add up my numbers correct to get my 51. Maybe the previous diagnostics didn't have this column?

    Either way, I hope that is the last diagnostic report I ever receive. :)

  6. Salem Oregon,

    I love my new blue pencil. I now own two. Although I need it, the PE license will be just another piece of paper to file away somewhere. I prefer small tokens to showcase my career. Having graduated in Canada, I'm proud to always wear my IRON RING. This pencil, while not nearly as cool as my ring, is still a real symbol of accomplishment to me.

    No one in the States cares about the precious iron ring. The whole Order of the Engineer ceremony was something to make someone that didn't get into any honor societies feel good about themselves.

    Not to burst your bubble, but no one here gives two hot toasted turds about it.

    VT, why are you talking to him like that? I don't think he deserved that. I actually had no idea what an Iron Ring (Canada) was or an Engineer's Ring (U.S.) until I read Happy's link. I actually thought it was kind of cool.

  7. I think this thread skipped Oct 2010. In Oct 2010, we received green pencils. (Pomona CA, 8-hour)

    For some reason, in Oct 2010, for the CA Seismic and CA Survey, we were given blue Apr 2010 pencils. (So, I have an Apr '10 pencil even though I took the test for the first time in Oct '10)

    In Apr 2011, we were given blue pencils.

    My proctor had a black one. I want one of those!

  8. so if you are so smart why are still flunking ? what a tool

    Why are you talking to me like this?

    So, you must have passed your first time, I have to assume based on what you said to me, right? I am very impressed that you can pass a professional engineering exam when your basic reading comprehension skills are so poor.

    1.) "Still flunking" would imply a series (or at least more than one) examination cycle failures (or "flunks" as you put it). If you read my original post, I failed once.

    2.) "so if you are so smart" indicates that I, in some way, implied that I am smart. I never did such a thing. In fact, I pointed out that I failed the October '10 8-hour, I failed the October '10 Seismic (and I mentioned that Seismic is difficult for me), and I admitted that I found the April '11 Transpo depth 8-hour exam challenging even after studying for four months. How is that implying that I am "smart"?

  9. Is that 33/50 when you have a good chance of passing ? Because the last two times I've taken the exam the total numbers of questions were 46 questions.

    There should be 50 questions in both the seismic and surveying exams. 50 questions in 2.5 hours is 3 minutes per question.

    Can someone else concur?

    There are 50 questions on the CA Survey and the CA Seismic.

  10. listen you jack ass ! Unless you have a constructive thing to say , I suggest you keep it to yourslef . You know nothing about me so maybe you should sustain from making ass- umptions and stick to what you know ~

    Why are you so rude, simpatique?! I took PE 3 times, and last time, thinking to be prepared very well, didn't know some of the answers. It doesn't make me to be that rude to these who said that this past test was easy. It was too hard for me. You have to keep your temper to yourself, it just a discussion board. Hdancingnaughty:

    hey, I was being attacked. I studied hard for the test . I really did not appreciate someone I do not know questioning my competence . I am sure you would not like it either.

    I was not attacking you at all. You said it was obvious that you only got to 30. I was merely pointing out that, no, it is not obvious to us unless you tell us. How would we know you only got to 30 unless you tell us? There is still a good chance you did o.k. No one can get to all 50 given the time restraints. When I passed, I "felt good" about 32 of the 50, "felt o.k." about another 9 or so and guessed the rest. If you look at the historic passing score (back when the state used to post them), the passing score was about a 60%. Good luck.

  11. So when do y'all think we will be getting the results? The exam was earlier this time compared to previous years... Do you know how they release the results... alphabetically?? By state?? Or just random??

    Do you remember the announcer telling you on test day that you'll receive your results in 8-10 weeks? My best guess is we'll be receiving our results in 8-10 weeks. ;)

  12. My goal was/is to pass one exam at a time. CA Survey was first (easiest for me, so pick it off first, Oct 2010). Then the 8-hour (Apr 2011). Finally the CA Seismic (the hardest for me, Oct 2011).

    Well, in Oct 2010 I only studied for the CA Survey exam but of course still took the 8-hour exam (Transpo depth). I thought the Oct 8-hour was actually pretty easy and I think I did pretty well for not studying at all (of course studying for the CA Survey studies some of the Transpo topics. Ex. Geometric design). I have a feeling I failed last time by only a few points, maybe even one point! (I have yet to hear of anyone else failing with a higher XX/80 than I failed with). Not too bad for not studying, I thought.

    So now, here I am going into the 8-hour in Apr 2011 very prepared. I studied for 4 months and probably 150-200 hours +/- this time. It should be a slam dunk, right? Well, I actually thought the exam was pretty difficult/challenging. I think I was 50% more prepared this time but I felt the test was 40% harder than Oct '10. I do think (hope) I passed but, probably not by much.

    So I am curious - those of you who took the Oct '10 and the Apr '11 PE Transportation depth module, how do think the level of difficulty between the two exams compares?

  13. RIGHT NOW! Go double check that you have your calculator, you references, and any other items you plan on taking in one spot by the door (or wherever you keep such things) so you don't fumble around in the morning and get all frustrated looking for stuff.

    It's 8:49 Eastern the night before the exam, turn off the computer, the television, and set your alarm. Get in bed, and go to sleep. It is amazing how much better you do when you have slept well.

    In the morning, eat breakfast, use the bathroom, conduct your normal hygiene regimen, and head to the test site.

    Eat lunch.

    Tomorrow around 6 PM, stop beating yourself up, it's over for this season, enjoy a weekend with no books, calculators, or notes.

    Monday - Try to guess my username and wait for the results.

    You're forgetting some of us (CA people) still have another 2.5 hour long test or two on Saturday.

    O.k., my vote is SAPening? or maybe wuSAPening?

  14. I was looking at my exam authorization and I almost missed it - it looks like the Gate # and street name have changed from the Oct 2010 Gate. I'm sure there will be signs and such but, every 'heads up' can help. Please note the new Gate is #17 and the new entry street is Fairplex Dr/West McKinley Av. (Last Oct was Gate 9, White Av)

    Good luck everyone! :)

  15. I took this whole week off work. I have been studying all day long every day. I have been going to bed at 3am! I finished study-studying last week. This week has been nothing but working problems (I have the 6 Min Solutions, Goswami's practice exams, and the NCEES practice exam). I'll work until the wee hours in the AM tonight (Wed.) but probably stop doing problems by tomorrow (Thurs). I do like to flip through the pages, look at the table of contents, flag, etc. my resources the day before. Good luck everyone! Back to the NCEES sample exam......

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