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  1. 12 hours ago, IwantthatPE said:

    Hi all! Do we bring all materials in the morning and then just leave them inside while we break for lunch? Or do we bring our Breadth references in the am, then Depth references in the pm? Thanks in advanced 

    Bring it all (AM/PM material to the AM).  You can leave it at your seat during lunch break.  The paranoia in me took my most valuables (read: calculator) with me to lunch but you can leave all your stuff at your AM seat when you break for lunch.  Good luck!  

  2. As seen with the change to year-round FE testing, there is a phenomenon where when hard annual (or bi-annual) application due-dates are removed, attendance to the exams drops.  The psychological reasoning is that the examinee thinks "I'm not quite ready, I want to study just a bit more, so I'll simply submit my application next month".  Next month, same logic repeats.  I wonder if we'll see this with the year-round testing of the CA Civil exams.  

  3. On ‎10‎/‎23‎/‎2017 at 7:27 AM, ME-PE said:

    FYI - October of 2009 was black ;)


    12 hours ago, ME-PE said:




    I never said my pencil color prediction formula was perfect.  I have admitted that it is half baked.  ;) But I do think you'll find it is relatively reliable from about +/- 2012 to present.   Accurate enough to beat Hemi this upcoming Friday!  :P 


    5 hours ago, Road Guy said:

    I'm so old I brought my own pencil to the EIT exam....

    Me too.  I took it in fall of 2001.  Used my own pencil and TI-89 calculator.  I think the very next administration is when they started the pencil and calculator policies. 

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  4. Oh, just noticed the addition of year-round testing for the state Civil exams. 


    New Process for Applying for Licensure as a Civil Engineer:

    Do not submit your application for licensure until after you have passed the NCEES Principles & Practice (P&P) exam.

    Once you have passed the NCEES P&P exam and have the required qualifying experience, then submit your application for licensure to the Board.

    There is no final filing date. Applications can be submitted and will be accepted on a continuous basis.

    You must allow the Board a minimum of 60 days from when you submit your application to process your application. Do not contact the Board within the initial 60-day period to ask about the status of your application. If you have not received any communication from the Board after the initial 60-day period, you may contact the Board's Licensing Unit at (916) 263-2222 or

    Do not contact the Board to verify receipt of your application. If you wish to have proof that your application was received, you need to use a delivery method that provides tracking and delivery confirmation.

    The state-specific Civil Engineer exams (seismic principles and engineering surveying) are offered on a continuous quarterly basis starting with the quarter that begins on April 1, 2018. You will be authorized to sit for the exams in the quarter following the quarter in which your application is approved by the Board. You may sit for each exam once per quarter.

    If you need to retake the state-specific exam(s), you will need to submit the Re-Examination Form and appropriate exam fee(s). You will be authorized to sit for the exam(s) in the quarter following the quarter in which the exam fee(s) is received and processed by the Board.

  5. I received this too.  Wow, I passed the Civil exams in this order CA-Survey -->  NCEES 8hr P&P -->  CA-Seismic.  And many people I know passed them in various order.  Now it looks like you have to pass the P&P first.  I have a friend who has passed the Survey and is now working on the Seismic.  Can he continue until he passes the Seismic or will he need to pass the P&P first?  Per the last bullet, are they not allowing the submission of post cards along with the application? 

  6. For one, you can stop after you calculate vp since Exhibit 23-2 allows you to calculate the Platoon-Adjusted LOS with Flow Rate (vp = 12.3 ped/ft/min --> LOS E  -->  Answer D)

    But, if you were to calculate Ap, you wouldn't assume that Sp is 300 ft/min.  Calculate Sp using Equation 17-28 (and assuming Spf = 4.4 ft/s per chapter guidance).  If you calc Ap doing this, you should get Ap = 18.9 ft^2 / ped which, again, using Exhibit 23-2 you'll also get LOS E, Answer D.

    Does that help?



  7. 44 minutes ago, McDeeee said:

    Ptatohed..... That's the thing. I did 1 & 2 as you say. Even on the multiple practice tests I completed it was still a time crunch and I was lucky to score 50% accounting for guesses. I guess it's falling on deaf ears and I doubt the state board listens in here, but...... but...... I digress.... :-(

    If you didn't get it this time, you'll get it next time.  ;) 

  8. On ‎10‎/‎21‎/‎2017 at 3:50 PM, ArkaKhiar said:

    Hello everyone! Like a lot of people here, I'm applying to take my PE Exam and ran into a little trouble with the engagement/references portion of the application.

    The preface: an individual who agreed to be my reference reviewed some samples of my work (they aren't part of the office I work at) asked for me to send the relevant paperwork to their address. After 2 weeks of not receiving the paperwork back in my snail-mail inbox, I wrote a quick email to them to confirm they received my paperwork; that was this past Tuesday. I still have not heard any response, unfortunately.

    The question: is it considered rude, pushy, or otherwise negative if I call and/or email them at least one more time in the coming week?

    Give them a call.  Remind them of your deadline.  

    What state are you in?

    Why is this thread in the Civil Exam Prep forum?                   .....moving......

  9. 7 hours ago, McDeeee said:

    Just took the seismic exam and that 2.5hrs is just a joke. Barely finished half of them before I had to guess on the rest. I studies my butt off and know the subject, but that time is a killer!

    Home I got lucky guessing “B” on 25 of the questions. 😣😥😥

    I agree with you that time is really the number one enemy for the state exams.  But, you knew this going into it.  And you had the same time that everyone else has.  It is obviously doable.  You can do it.  It sounds like perhaps you may not have 1.) Taken timed practice exams and/or 2.) Strategically managed your time during the exam?  Learn from this and you will get it next time!  :nod:  

  10. 13 hours ago, IwantthatPE said:

    Hi all. I'm testing this coming Friday. I'm wondering what time the actual test begins and ends? With lunch break? Notice says to arrive at 7:15 am so I'm assuming we'll begin by 8am? And done by 5pm? 

    There is no official start time, they start after everyone is seated, packets and pencils distributed, and the head proctor has announced all of the housekeeping rules.  When they say go, it can be an odd time such as, say, 8:23am.  Thus, have your stopwatch ready to go and hit start right when they say to begin.  That way you don't have to worry about clock time, all you care about is "the 4 hours" you have.  Same with the afternoon.  Good luck.  

  11. 6 hours ago, Hemi79 said:

    Ive got $10 on pencil is gonna be black. I have no statistics on it. Just a gut feeling and a picture that popped into my head while doing practice problems. Who's in? If you loose you donate to the boards. :D Oh yeah..... Im a gambler!!! 

    I will absolutely take your wager H7.  My trusty formula has not let me down yet.  In fact, I have used it to bet and win before!  Though your wager doesn't require me to correctly identify the Oct 2017 pencil color (I win if it is anything but black), do I get a bonus for red?  ;)  


    Link to Original Thread


    April of an Odd Year = Blue

    October of an Odd Year = Red

    April of an Even Year = Black

    October of an Even Year = Green

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  12. So how is RE7?  I'm cheap (you guys didn't know that, huh? ;) ) and it hasn't dropped in price yet enough for me so I am still waiting.  Did download/play the demo and it seemed pretty sweet.  Not so sure I love the first-person view but I guess I will get used to it (I enjoy the Call of Duty series (but otherwise don't play much 1st person)).  When it hits $20-$30, I'll grab it.  But, just curious, anyone play it and what do you think?  

    On a separate but related note, I only found out a few months ago that RE4 and RE5 were reissued on PS4.  I bought those (but haven't replayed them yet).   

  13. 2 hours ago, leggo PE said:

    I basically don't play any games.

    OMG, LOL - I was reading along, reading along, enjoying everyone's replies but then when I got to leggo's reply I basically laughed so hard internally that I made some sort of strange audible external exhale snort gasp sound.  It was weird.  Gosh I hope Launa or Isa didn't hear me from the other side of the partitions.  :wacko:

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