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  1. 5 minutes ago, Hemi79 said:

    Lol how dare you call this pencil black and red!?!!?!? Its black Sir! And yeah i couldnt post till today but ended up being a busy day at work. Just to clarify, the bet was that he/she who lost would donate the money to the board. :-) 

    It has the body of the conventional Red NCEES pencil (white plastic cylinder, Red logo) with the grip/clip/eraser holder of the typical Black NCEES pencil.  So this isn't the conventional/typical Black pencil.  Ok, I will make the donation and let you know when it is done.  Congrats. 

    How'd you do on the exam?

  2. 3 hours ago, cal91 said:

    The statement does not say "The board will post examination results". They say "They board will post the release date of the examination results".

    So at some date prior to actually releasing results, they are going to tell us exactly what date we fill get our results.

    Hypothetical Example: 

    November 13th the board releases the following statement: "The examination results will be released December 4th".

    I guess in the end it doesn't matter. I'll find out when I find out. I just hate being patient is all.

    I see what you are saying.  I guess it depends how much in advance of the release date they list the upcoming release date as to how useful it is. 



    1 hour ago, leggo PE said:

    I disagree. In the three test cycles (April 2016, October 2016, and April 2017) I took the PE exam (the first two involved the state exams), all state exam results came after CA had released the national PE exam results.

    You'd know better than me but I thought what I read from others on here is that the Board stopped waiting for the National results to be distributed before distributing the state results (something they used to always do). 

  3. I'm not following you.  How is "The board will post the release date of the examination results online at:" providing you with a known release date? 

    But, yes, you should be getting your state exam results before NCEES releases the national results.  It's been that way for a year or so as far as I know. 

  4. On ‎10‎/‎27‎/‎2017 at 8:55 AM, knight1fox3 said:

    <sigh> You guys are making me want to get back into that again. Might have to see what the latest version is going for on Steam (PC gamer here) these days.

    Ugggh, never got in to PC gaming.  Sitting at a desk chair, 2.5' from a 22" monitor, using a keyboard and mouse, and two little speakers?  No thanks.  I want my leather recliner, wireless controller, 7.2 surround sound, and 100" screen!  :P  

  5. 16 hours ago, akwooly said:

    oldest: angel

    middle: poison ivy

    youngest: chase from paw patrol

    i am sad for the last few years we have done family themes, Dora the explorer, wreck it Ralph, inside out. We were going to do moana this year but the kids changed their minds. 

    Yup, I hear you akwooly.  I think this is the first year my boys will not been concerted.  We've had the cop and criminal theme you see in my current sig, Power Rangers (one red, one green), and both Marvel super heroes (Hulk and Spider-Man, I believe).  But they both wanted their own thing this year.  :o/  

  6. 5 minutes ago, vhab49 said:

    Red words.  Black grip and eraser cap. Not sure how that fits. No photo yet.  Sorry. Lunch + 4 hours to go. 

    @hydrosparky sent me a PM stating this too.  Very interesting.  I have never seen this combo before!  How does this work out with our bet? 

    So, is this correct?  The rubber grip, eraser holder, and clip are red, the body is white, and the 'NCEES October 2017' text and symbol is red?  Wow. 

    Thanks hydro and vhab.


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  7. 15 hours ago, Dleg said:

    I hadn't played any of the GTAs since Vice City because that was about the time I had my kids, and after that i couldn't play SA (although I owned it) because it was a step beyond Vice City in language, at least (F bombs all over the place). Finally my kids are now old enough (can't believe it's been that long) that I can play again, so I picked up GTA V this summer and have been playing it on the PS4.  Holy crap!  What a game!  I can play for hours, just screwing around in the world, messing with the AI bots, or play the story and still there is tons to do and see. I had to take some "use or lose" leave last month, and I spent several of those days playing it.  So worth it!  

    Yup.  These games are absolutely amazing.  The whole virtual world blows me away.  Yes they are rude and crude and incredibly in-politically correct - but that is half the fun I guess, right?  Yeah, I can spend hours just dicking around in the world not even playing missions.  Incredibly impressive games (most particularly GTA IV and V).  

  8. 2 minutes ago, Hemi79 said:

    LMAO, well i know the rules, thats for sure. I will gladly take in this responsibility. :D but your getting ahead of yourself @ptatohed, the color came to me in a dream, i saw the future. Its gonna be black. You might as well run your debit card now...... :)

    ptatohed's (mostly reliable) Pencil Color Prediction Theory   >   Hemi79's Premonition.  :P 

  9. 2 hours ago, cal91 said:

    What's so special about 1982 that they can do land surveying work? Why did the PEA cut if off at that date? Can't find the answer anywhere...

    For many years Professional Civil Engineers, by power of their license, were authorized to practice Land Surveying (Survey, Establish property lines, Prepare Maps and Legals, etc.) but it was eventually deemed important enough to allow only Licensed Surveyors to do these things.  And there are probably good reasons for this.  So, the new law went into effect January 1982.  From that point on, all Registered PEs could not practice (all) Land Surveying with their PE license.  But those who were already Licensed CEs prior to the law being implemented in 1982, were grandfathered in.  There is nothing "special" about 1982 (though that was the year my wife was born ;)  ), that's just the year the new law took effect. 

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  10. 23 hours ago, Road Guy said:

    For those of you who are relatively new or infrequent posters (less than 50 posts) we (I) will close the board Friday and through the weekend to keep the test administration company from having to nose around too much and be the irritating little shits that they are.. the rest of you don't do anything stupid...


    & good luck on your exams!!!!!!!  The correct answers are:







    RG, just please leave EB access for some test takers.  @Hemi79 and I need to know the pencil color ASAP!  I expect the pencil color to be reported within the first 10 minutes of lunch break Eastern time.  :D  Maybe sooner, if someone finishes the AM early.  ;) 

  11. 33 minutes ago, AyanHein said:

    Are we short on licensed engineers in CA? Is that why state is making it easier for future engineers? First, you don't need to have 2 years experience to take NCEES P&P exam as before. Ok i can understand on this one since some other states don't make it as a requirement.  Now you can take 2 state exams 4 times a year? Just my 2 cents.

    Why do you assume the changes will result in more licensed engineers?  I think the year round (quarterly) testing is a very nice convenience but I don't think it will make people pass who were not already going to pass.  You might have a some examinees that pass 3 months sooner than they otherwise might have but I don't think that will increase the overall number of licensed engineers.  

    In fact, I could be wrong but I am predicting we might have less engineers obtaining their licenses with the changes.  1.)  The flexibility to take the 3 civil exams in any order won't be available any longer and 2.)  As I said before, when hard application due dates are removed from exams, examinees have a tendency to not commit to a test date and, as a result, exam attendance declines.     

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    2 hours ago, Tmar1no said:

    i have seen 4.0 ft/s as desirable, where did you find (Spf = 4.4 ft/s)



    You're welc.  :)

    Chapter 17, page 17-46 explains you should use 4.4 ft/s for Spf (Average free-flow pedestrian walking speed).  It then provides guidance on how to adjust it for certain situations (elderly, steep grade).  I understand this is for Urban Street Segments (Chapt 17), not Off-street Facilities (Chapt 23) but I don't see any guidance for Spf in Chapt 23, do you? 

    With that said, you could essentially use an Spf as low as 2.X ft/s and as high as 5.X ft/s when you are calculating Ap and you'd still fall within the range of LOS E (11 - 23 ft^2/ped) in Exhibit 23-2 and get the same answer. 

    But, really, if we stick to only Chapter 23, which maybe we should, and leave Chapter 17 out of it, we can solve this problem without needing Spf.  We need only assume Sp (pedestrian speed, ft/min) - since the problem doesn't provide Sp - to solve for Ap (pedestrian space, ft^2/ped) using Eqn 23-4.  A range of values for Sp will still yield the correct answer. 

    In summary, you can solve this problem 2 ways.  Use Eqn 23-3, get vp = 12.3 ped/min/ft; use Exh 23-2 to get LOS = E.  Or, use Eqn 23-4 (and assume Sp = 4.0 ft/s as you suggest), get Ap = 19.5 ft^2/ped); use Exh 23-2 to get LOS = E. 



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