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  1. :speechless: My color prediction theory is out the window! : o / But, as long as I get my grubby hooves on one of these clear orange bad boys, I'll get over it. Thanks @tj_PE!
  2. Are you serious?! Thank you so much tj! Really appreciate it! I'll send you a pm.
  3. Dude! You are THE WOMAN! NICE!!!!!
  4. EET is awesome, for sure! Thanks for the feedback Sebastian. 👍
  5. When comparing the two classes, my friend put together the following comparison table. I thought it might be helpful to share here. (For what it is worth, my personal recommendation is EET) Best of luck everyone! Hiner EET - Seismic 40 hrs 56 hrs Limited to 40 hours of watching Unlimited watching Not Applicable Free repeat Not Applicable Live webinar or seminar has access to all recordings 1 CBT – repeat once 3 CBT - Unlimited On-Demand class Fees does not include book On-Demand class Fees includes books
  6. Sorry, I have not been able to acquire a pencil for the last 4 or so exam cycles. Congrats jrod.
  7. Hey leggo! 👋 Happy Holidays! 🦃 🎅
  8. CERM 11th ED

    Can you please send me a pdf of the index, and any other files associated with the 11th ed?



  9. What/who is 'Castle Worldwide'??? :confused:
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