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  1. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    I'll pass Cheb, but thanks for thinking of me.
  2. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    Thanks RBH. I think I might have to pass. I am always half a day behind when I finally check-in in the late pm / early am and there are always 4 pages of posts I missed that day. Hard for me to keep up. But thanks for thinking of me guys, it was fun.
  3. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    Thanks @Roarbark
  4. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    Good night @Roarbark, I think I am going shushy soon...... 2:30am
  5. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    Wow! Thanks @Roarbark! So, you are a night owl too it appears?? My friend!
  6. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    So, am I alive or dead?, if I am alive, I vote again for @NikR for 08-08-19. It's 1am.
  7. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    It's 2am. I vote for @NikRfor fibbing to me. 08-07-19.
  8. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    Ahh! So Sorry @ChebyshevII_PE And thank you.
  9. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    Ok, it is 3:20am, I think time for "shushy" (family word for "for bed"). Night all.
  10. ptatohed

    EB Mafia

    Ok, it's after 12am so it's now "tomorrow" 08-06. I can't vote to eliminate tj because she sent me a cool pencil. I can't vote for Nik because he saved my life (NCEES pencils and 'Life' are pretty much equally important). Without revealing my strategy (frankly, there isn't much of one), @Roarbark, I'll vote for @chart94
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