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  1. Whatcha Playin?

    So, I bought a used PS2 from craigslist for the sole purpose of hooking it to the downstairs TV to keep my 4yo and 7yo out of my home theater, right? Well, it came bundled with a bunch of games. I sampled them all, was for the most part unimpressed until - I plopped in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This game is pretty frickin rad! Very impressive for PS2. Until now, the oldest GTA I had played was GTA IV on PS3. For some reason, I thought all older GTAs were just lame top-down views. But GTA S.A. is 3D and very similar to GTA IV in gameplay (albeit with graphics and hardware limitations). I may just have to play GTA S.A. all the way through.
  2. Whatcha Playin?

    Ok, thanks. I'll wait for it to be $20.
  3. Whatcha Playin?

    Thanks. What is Lost Legacy? I'm guessing from the context, it is DLC for Uncharted 4?
  4. I remember the PPI forums. While they did have a "controlled speech" feel to them, it was kinda cool to be able to communicate with Mr. Lindeburg himself! I don't think this is fair. While I, personally, was a "self-studier" and I would recommend each examinee consider giving self-studying a go, I think everyone is different, has a unique situation, learns/reviews in different ways, etc. - so it is not fair to say self studying is for everyone and examinees only take review courses because they lack confidence. And to suggest that one should not only self-study but to suggest they should study only using NCEES Sample Exams is, well, not very realistic.
  5. Resource for Shear/Moment Diagrams

    I did not take Structural Depth so my interest in S/M Diagrams was AM level only but I found the ones in the CERM Appendix to be very helpful.
  6. Please PM me your e-mail add.
  7. Thanks ue! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Vertical curve problem

    I get answer B as well.
  9. I have absolutely nothing more to add that EG did not cover. Excellent, excellent response EG! I am tempted to add your reply to the sticky in this forum " Everything you wanted to know about the CA-Survey/Seismic Civil PE Exams" if you wouldn't mind.
  10. 15 (FREE) AM/Breadth-style Problems

    Still not fixed?
  11. Please keep the results forum to exam results only. Moving....
  12. Here are the 2010 and the 2014 free partial samples that you can get from NCEES. 2011 NCEES Water Sample Q&S.pdf 201410 NCEES Water Practice Exam.pdf
  13. Didn't see it on ebay. Found it on Amazon but - yikes - $400!! https://www.amazon.com/Civil-Resources-Environmental-Questions-Solutions/dp/193261365X/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1507565182&sr=8-3&keywords=ncees+water