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  1. A great mind for sure. When he was diagnosed with ALS at age 21, I believe, doctors gave him 3 years to live. He lived to 76.
  2. Does anyone keep their materials after passing?

    I don't know why everyone is so quick to sell their stuff after they pass. I saved everything. I have used it 1.) to help members here with questions they may have and 2.) to do a little side work of preparing test prep material. I can't say I have used it much for work though.
  3. NCEES 518

    LOL. Grave Digger!
  4. Civil 3D

    Do you know AutoCAD well and it's just the C3D module you are getting accustomed to or are you new to ACAD as well? What type of civil work will you be using C3D for? Check out the built-in tutorials. They are very helpful.
  5. Framing store lost my pencil

    P.S. What's the address and dumpster location of this place of business?
  6. Framing store lost my pencil

    This is an absolutely nightmarishly horrific story! So sorry to hear about your lost loved one u.e. We are all grieving with you. Your pencil is in our thoughts. :virtual hug:
  7. CA Seismic

    This forum didn't help answer those questions?
  8. Civil Breadth Content

    There can be some overlap b/t the FE Civil and PE Civil. Just look at the PE Exam test plan and review only those topics listed.
  9. California state exams

    You should probably contact the board and make sure you are still approved and ready to go. Ask if you can simply submit the re-examination form. http://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/re-examination_form.pdf
  10. Who is "the Board"?
  11. I am not clear what your question is?
  12. 1.) Relax. 2.) It is helpful to read the threads in this forum. This was only one or two threads down when you posted:
  13. If I understood correctly, I don't think her issue is with taking the FE or not. Whether she is approved for the FE waiver or she passes the FE... I think her issue/question is about obtaining the proper references for the PE application since most of her supervisors are/were not PEs but are 'exempt'.
  14. I never totally understood exemptions but you can read about them in the PE Act. Maybe that will help answer some of your questions. Also, maybe @CAPLS can help. Good luck.