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  1. Florida OUT. Pass!!!!!
  2. Haven't you seen Cabin in the Woods? they are watching us and laughing.
  3. Hey thanks for that! Unfortunately I am in Tampa and unable to attend otherwise I would. Plus I don't think you like seeing grown men cry if I found out I failed.
  4. My guess for Florida: FBPE has a board meeting tomorrow at 8:30AM maybe to discuss release of results...I would expect some sort of answer after that meeting. Details Date: December 6 Time: 8:30 am Event Category: FBPE Organizer Rebecca Sammons Venue Holiday Inn & Suites 2725 Graves Road Tallahassee, FL 32303 United States + Google Map
  5. Hey so I am currently studying reinforced concrete and I noticed there is a huge difference between the old FE exam which includes Singly - doubly- and T beams and the new exam which only has singly. Is it safe to assume that since it is not in the new FE manual then don't worry about it?
  6. So before I bought the book I did research on the author just to see if it wasn't some "get rich quick scheme." it turns out the author is listed as a course instructor for ppi2pass, so I figured he had experience in teaching the material. I bought the book and have been studying out of it for the past few weeks. He gets right down to business, no fluff, just problems. It goes in order of the new exam format, Mathematics -> Analytic Geometry -> Calculus -> roots of equations etc. and the number of practice problems seem to be based off of the number of possible problems on the exam, max is about 40 questions for those subjects. This is good, there is nothing worse than having an important subject like Transportation and only having 10 or 15 practice problems. The book also makes the claim that it uses handbook for all the equations on the answers. I found that to be mostly true. Some cons that I have noticed is that there are a number of typos in the book, but haven't too bad to where we got different answers. Also I noticed that when studying the Transportation portion, that once I finished the 40 or so problems, I noticed that it didn't cover all of the material in the reference handbook. There were still a good 2 pages of formulas and graphs and charts that weren't covered in the problems. Mainly I got the book because I wanted to see the caliber of questions that were being asked. I know the old test you had the AM quick questions followed by the PM longer questions and since the new test is 3 min per question, what type of questions would be asked. I can say it looks mixed with AM and PM length questions, but only one can tell until I take the test in Feb. I plan to supplement this with the texas A and M free course and right before the exam, ordering the NCEES problems online and treat that as a real test.
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