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  1. Loam makes me lusty, too. As long as it's not too gritty. Or chafey.
  2. Great song but awesome video. Vegetable sacrifice: 403-987-20!!!!
  3. Tell me about it! Whenever they put me out on display at a public hearing, it seems like all I can do is offend and horrify, even people who are in favor of the project!
  4. Thanks for remembering me! It seems I have been forgotten a lot, lately. Especially at work. They just keep me in the basement, next to all the sewer pipes and ball storage. (and since when did I start working at a school gym?). I only occasionally get asked to do anything by my employer, and even then it's just routine stuff. I used to bitch and bitch about all the dirty work they used to have me do, but now I would welcome it as a break for the monotony. So I just spend my time studying and practicing, but even that has gotten old. I've been through my textbooks many times each, already, and the internet down here isn't good enough to much with. Certainly no streaming. At least I will get the challenge of blowing out birthday candles today! Should be fun, because I've been saving up!
  5. I've plowed a few bean fields, but a little smaller project might not be a bad idea. I'm thinking of maybe trying to grow some cucumbers.
  6. I've had pretty good luck with girls named Tiffany.
  7. ^That question got my attention!
  8. Poking around is a god suggestion, no matter what you are studying for.
  9. ^We should get together.
  10. Wow, what a trip down the back alley of Memory Lane. I still remember this client, but that was the last time I provided my services there. I learned a hard lesson, though, and have since learned to just keep everything professional. The back door is for client personnel, only. A professional only enters the front office, and the back door only when asked to. I had a recent experience that made me think of this episode again, and whether or not I've started to go too soft on my clients. My main client recently began to restrict my access to the entire facility. Front office, around back, all over. Even the field hands were told to ignore me. I made a call to the client's head office and was told that my services are still valued, but they just don't require my services as often as they used to. Because of my previous experiences of being perhaps a little too pushy, I thanked them for their business and offered to visit the main office to provide an oral presentation regarding potential other services that I can provide. But they responded that they were not interested. So I politely reminded them of my phone number, and withdrew. Folks, my business hasn't been doing so well recently, and this was my main client. I don't think I can continue to survive, just sitting around my office performing internet research and practicing for a real client. Should I have been a little harder on my client, pushed my services more? What can I do to increase the frequency of services requested by my client? I'd like to hear you thoughts, you've all been so helpful in the past.
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