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  1. I finally took the CEM and thought I'd report back. So I am resurrecting this in case anyone is interested. 5 day course was useful. There will be hours in the day you want to stab yourself in the eye, but there are more that are useful. You make what you want out of it. There were only 3 that passed out of 21, but the study group I was with were majority business majors. If you have a mechanical PE, I think you would dominate this. I brought in the course provided book tabbed extra beyond their dividers, Guide to Energy Management 8th Ed, an equation sheet I compiled during the class, and my FE equation book. Passed it first try 895/1152.
  2. Mechguy - been years now, but did you pass? What did you think of the CEM? I'm thinking about taking it this fall and I've heard it's pretty manageable if you take the course also.
  3. gr8gatzby


    Anyone get their license numbers yet? One electrical I know got his already. I've been on the website every day
  4. gr8gatzby


    AZ not really representing huh? Passed EE-Power, 5th times the charm...or something =)
  5. gr8gatzby

    Power PE

    Toilalong - Listen to me! I have taken it 5 times (maybe more - I've lost count), I finally just passed. Take a good look at your diagnostic. If you have done poorly on something 2 or 3 times, it's not chance - you need to work on those. Get as many practice exams as you can: Chaya, Complex Imaginary, PPI, Kaplan, NCEES....whatever - they are all pretty good. Take 5+ exams "live" as close to the real thing (desk alone, no distractions, no music, nothing), time yourself (do it in 2 hour blocks if you need to), DO NOT LOOK AT THE ANSWERS while doing the exams, and score yourself when you are done. You will start to see a pattern on what you are doing wrong also, I could have passed on the first try had I studied this way - I wish someone would have told me this. You've learned enough of this in school to pass, now it's just understanding the format and practicing. My school didn't cover anything on transmission lines, especially not real life, maybe theories is all, we barely touched on per unit, and I passed. I did have a lot of circuits, transformer, NEC, and lighting knowledge - some areas that others struggle in. I know what you are feeling; I was just there. It's humbling and humiliating too. I was feeling pretty down on myself, my intellect, my education (sick and sad really)..... I did very well in school, HS (almost 4.0 GPA and 31 on my ACTs) and College (3.75 GPA), never was a real good test taker, but for this - just practice, practice, practice. There is enough material out there to test yourself back to back to back to back and see what your doing wrong. Not every 6 months and hundreds of dollars at a time, but weekly. I took at least 1 a week, every chance I had an hour I tried to do 10 problems. Before work, lunch, dinner, bed....whenever you can get a block. I averaged an exam a week at least, studied for 5 weeks before the exam only. We are all busy, you make time. I have a 2 year old in daycare, a rental house, an engineer wife who is busier than I am, a fixer-upper current house, addiction to sports, needy parents, niece+nephew in college who need help sometimes, a lazy brother - and I know other people have it worse than me. IT WILL HAPPEN. PM me if you want more specifics on what I was lacking and what exams I used. Heck, maybe I'll sell you some of my stuff for cheap if you want.
  6. Man the results are killing me. Someone should do a study of productivity compared to march madness.
  7. Bing - thanks, I just submitted some comments as well. A lot of you felt pretty good for the afternoon it seems like. I'm the opposite, but the last time I felt better for the afternoon though, so we'll see. Overall though, not too great unfortunately. Good luck to all of you though!
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