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  1. Guys, I am trying to get rid of my study material which I used to pass the seismic and survey exams. I have the following items available. Please message me if you are interested in selling, and I will provide you the information.. 1.) Civil Surveying Review Workshop- Reza Mahallati- Spring 2011. $ 35 shipped This one includes good amount of highlighting and writing in pencil. 2.) Surveying for CIVIL PE License, by Shahin Mansour, First Edition. Bought it for the April 2012 exam. $ 55 shipped THis one includes very little highlighting and some writing in pencil. 3.) Surveying for CIVIL PE License, by Shahin Mansour, 10 ORIGINAL DVDs purchased for 2012 exam. $ 300 shipped 3.) Seismic Design Review Workbook by Steven Hiner, 1st Printing, February 2011 Based on the 2009 IBC. $75 shipped This one includes some highlighting that Hiner recommends, and some minor writing in pencil. Send me a message if you are interested in one or any of these items.
  2. passed everything, not in database. what the hell is taking so long this time around? coworkers keep telling me it was so fast for their times, in the past
  3. Got the letter.. AND SURVEY!!!!! FINALLY A PE DON'T BELIEVE I WAS THIS ESCATIC EVEN GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all those who took the time to answer and help me with questions on this board. Wouldn’t have been possible, otherwise. This was my second time when I took just the survey exam. Last one to pass for me. My advice is that PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. and if possible, a course at a community college is probably something very helpful. Someone gave me that advice but i didn't listen to it, thinking i was going to kill the beast by learning myself; it was very hard to learn and visualize some of the survey concepts for me... and in retrospect a class would have helped a lot. Goodluck to all.
  4. AHH. I wonder if I should swing by my place to check the mailbox in lunch. is that too much? lol.
  5. is your name in the database as well?
  6. Board's database says updated July 1st, has anyone who has received the letter, those closer to Sac, checked to see if they are on the database yet?
  7. the envelope has fooled me before. LOL. it's cheap thin paper. so got excited, but then disasspointed.
  8. called the Board ten minutes ago; letters are going out today, and they said the database probably wont be updated for a few days. In so-cal we will probably get the letter on monday.
  9. It now says, Last updated: JUN-28-2012 a few minutes ago, it said June 27
  10. very true. the suspense is killing me. It is going to be a very unproductive day for me at work today.
  11. so, is it going to be tomorrow for sure? has anyone called the Board?
  12. I wish these two days would fly by. I am going to stay so distracted until I find out; and I guess this starts the urges to keep plugging my name in the database.
  13. I feel ya. same boat as you. need this misery to be over.
  14. How is that any different from the scenario between any april vs. october test. in the past or in future. Couldn't one argue that april was easier than october? or vice versa.
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