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  1. I would take the new test in October or next April. You won't have to "re-qualify" for the Oregon board, and hopefully the grading will be conducted to a uniform, national standard, and perhaps you could even review your test and appeal its grading if you don't pass.
  2. Congratulations!! Please keep us posted when your online status is updated. A congratulations letter found its way to my mail box today. My online status is still unchanged. Congratulations loop! Are you in Washington State? Thanks, ichiro and WaEngineer. I'm in Oregon. It's rather amazing that results haven't reached everyone in Washington yet. The letter was dated March 18, but it must not have gone out until at least Monday.
  3. Congratulations!! Please keep us posted when your online status is updated. A congratulations letter found its way to my mail box today. My online status is still unchanged.
  4. That's cold-blooded. Sorry to hear that.
  5. So far there's nothing out there to disprove this theory...
  6. Did they give any indication as to whether they put postage on the envelopes?
  7. The count down clock shows 19 days left, not for the exams in April! I wonder how many people will be taking the new test in a few weeks because of this. Maybe if those people pass the new test and then get word that they already passed last October's test, they can be designed something unique, like Double-Secret SE.
  8. I think the next step is for the governor to write each result letter by hand (a whopping 159 letters), using paper that has been certified as having been logged in Washington. Then they need the state legislature to certify the governor's executive action, but that won't be possible until a quorum can be formed, sometime after spring break.
  9. i talked to someone from the board this afternoon. he said the results would probably! be sent out next week. i asked what caused this delay! guess what he said? too many examinees this time!!! Thanks for sharing this information ichiro! Their November meeting minutes indicate that 159 people took the exam. This seems no higher than usual.
  10. This is the most important exam humanity has ever known. It is being graded by the best engineers in the world. We all should be honored our exams are being touched by these very special engineers. It is our fault that it is taking them almost 5 months to grade our exams. It must be very difficult for them to go down to our level to understand our stupid solutions What is sad is that they have no mercy in grading this test. I wish they were taking this long to carefuly go through our exams to try to give us as much partial credit as possible. The exam grading was completed around Christmass. We are not getting our results for some stupid non sense reason.... I wonder if they'll still fail 80% of the examinees after this mess. Silly question, I know.
  11. Don't know if I got a letter yet, but here's something interesting. Up above, there's a link to the agenda for the board meeting last week. If you open that link, and then delete the "agenda" reference and refresh your browser, you should be taken to the board's home page. Where, mysteriously, that agenda has been deleted. We certainly wouldn't want any transparency in any of this, right?
  12. In case you haven't done so already, go log into your NCEES account for your results.
  13. There was also at least one rather misleading direction/instruction on one of the bridge problems, I thought. It's all rather disconcerting, since there is no appeal or review process in place for the SE III anymore.
  14. If past cut-scores and pass rates are any indicator, my response would be "harshly."
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